My Favorite Suitcase – Samsonite Winfield Spinner – is on Sale at Zulily Today!

Samsonite Winfield Spinner Suitcases are on sale at Zulily.

My favorite suitcase ever, and what I’ve long said is the best suitcase ever – the Samsonite Winfield Spinner – is on sale today at Zulily!

There are a few different options from which to choose. The three-piece set above includes a 20″ carry-on, 24″ and 28″ cases. Zulily has the trio on sale for $259.99 (the trio currently costs $303.95 at Amazon).

I have a couple of these suitcases, but my personal favorite is the 20″ carry-on that I have in purple.

Samsonite Winfield Spinner

I admit to having a weird suitcase obsession, but this is the one that I have steadily used for the past four years or so. I can fit so much stuff into it, and it was the impetus for my post from a few years ago detailing how to pack for a week in a carry-on suitcase. This suitcase is on sale for $89.99 today at Zulily (compared to $101.17 at Amazon).

A couple of the reasons I love these suitcases include:

  • You can fill up both sides of the suitcase, and one of the sides zips closed. This makes it easier to organize your items and I also feel like I can pack so much more!
  • The suitcases are incredibly light. Despite the hard shell, these cases are substantially lighter than similar soft shell cases I own.
  • Whenever I check a bag on an airplane it seems to be dirty once it is returned to me. The hard case is easy to wipe down on those occasions.
  • The spinner wheels make this case easy to glide.

If you’re in the market for new luggage, I cannot more highly recommend the Samsonite Winfield Spinner line… especially when you can get them on sale at Zulily!

One Item Every Woman Needs: The Perfect Black Blazer

I’ve never been one of those bloggers who put out a list of “the 10 items every woman NEEDS in her closet” or the like because I believe we all have different clothing needs.   I work from home now and take care of my son at the same time, so my wardrobe consists predominantly of yoga pants and tees and I’m A-OK with that. I could probably reduce most of my wardrobe to yoga pants, tees, hoodies, and one LBD and be good to go 90% of the time.

While I don’t encourage you to fill your wardrobe with pieces you may never need, the single item I truly believe every woman should have in her wardrobe is a black blazer.

One wardrobe item every woman needs: The perfect black blazer -

A black blazer can go with absolutely everything. My everyday style is as casual as can be but I can pair a blazer with my yoga pants, a pair of tall boots, a tunic and call it a day.

You don’t have to take my word for it though! Here are some of my favorite outfits featuring black blazers that I found on Pinterest.

Styling a black blazer

Outfit featuring a black blazer from Anderson and Grant

Image via Anderson and Grant

This casual ensemble featuring a black blazer would be perfect for running errands, going to brunch, or even wearing to work on casual Friday. You just can’t ever go wrong with jeans, a white shirt, and a black blazer!

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Wedding Tip: Selfie Sticks Will Help Your Guests Capture Special Moments

Provide selfie sticks for your guests to use at your wedding.

Image by Jessica Jones Photography via The Knot

I think that formal wedding photographers are pretty much a must at a wedding because they have the know-how to perfectly capture those big moments that you’ll treasure forever.

When it comes to fun, however, I love seeing the photos that other guests take! Some of my favorite photos every from the various weddings I have attended over the years are large group photos that we manage to corral someone into taking for us. These photos serve as reminders of the mini reunions that we’ve had over the years and are some of my favorites.

These days, thanks to the invention of the selfie stick, there’s no need to find a person willing to take photo after photo until you get it just right. You and your friends can snap away to your heart’s content!

Selfie Stick

My recommendation for those planning their weddings is to invest in a couple of selfie sticks to place strategically around your wedding reception to help your guests get those good shots! I wouldn’t recommend making the selfie sticks available during the ceremony because you don’t want to risk the sticks messing up your professional ceremony photos, but it could be a great way to encourage your guests to take more photos at the reception!

Selfie sticks are pretty inexpensive, so picking up a few to have on hand likely won’t break your wedding budget. If you’re skipping the professional photographer altogether, a selfie stick will even help you get some of those shots you might not get otherwise so I would even consider it a necessary expense. The Mpow iSnap Pro 3-In-1 Self-portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter above has amazing reviews on Amazon and costs just $15.99.

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What to Wear to a Wedding: Maternity Dresses for Wedding Guests

Maternity Dresses to wear to a fall wedding

Three Seasons Maternity Long Sleeve Lace Dress – $21.36-$33.67 at Amazon // Isabella Oliver Short Sleeve Side Ruched Maternity Dress – $89.97 at A Pea in the Pod // Cookie Print Dress – $229 at Rachel Pally // Maternal America Tie Front Dress – $148 at Nordstrom // Three Seasons Maternity V-Neck Print Dress – $32 at Amazon


Last week we shared some formal dresses to wear to a black tie wedding as well as dresses to wear to an outdoor fall wedding, so I thought that today I would share a few maternity dresses that would be great for wedding guests.

Maternity style has come a long way and there are a bunch of super cute dresses on the market. My main recommendation, however, is to consider getting a dress that you can use multiple times over the course of your pregnancy. I know that when I was pregnant I tried to make due with a fairly minimal wardrobe because maternity clothing only comes in handy for so many months. If you spend money on a maternity dress, chances are you’re going to want to wear it on more than one occasion so picking out a dress that can not only be worn to the wedding but perhaps also to a fancy dinner or cocktail party, a holiday party, or even church could prove to be helpful for your budget!

Another tip to keep in mind is that you will still be able to wear some styles of dresses after the baby comes! The ruched maternity dress above may be difficult to pull off once your baby bump disappears but chances are good that you’ll be able to wear a wrap dress long after baby arrives.

Check out these other maternity dresses that would make great options to wear to a wedding this fall: