Giveaway: Win One of 5 $100 Checks from Ebates!!!

Alrighty folks, we’ve come to the end of our fun with Ebates but don’t get too sad … FIVE of you are going to win $100 cash! Straight cash, yo!

We’re going to make this as SIMPLE as possible.

Want to be one of the 5 people to win $100 today?

First: You MUST be a member of Ebates. Not sure what Ebates is? Check out one of the first posts that ever appeared on this site – our Ebates Review! I promise it’s a great way to earn back some of your money when shopping online, and they’re offering double cash back today which means even more fab discounts on those Cyber Monday deals!!  Click here to register now if you are not already a member. I promise it’ll take just a second.

Second: You MUST leave a comment below telling us how you’d like to spend your $100.

That’s it. 5 winners will be randomly selected to win $100 from Ebates. We will verify with Ebates that you are a member before announcing the winners, so make sure the email address you use to leave a comment matches the email address you used to register for Ebates.

You CAN enter this giveaway even if you already entered our Black Friday giveaways. HOWEVER, you can only win 1 of the 10 prizes. There will be 10 winners total combined between Black Friday and this latest promotion.

This giveaway will remain open through November 30, 2011.

Good Luck!!!

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90 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win One of 5 $100 Checks from Ebates!!!

  1. I’m a member of Ebates & I would use the $100 towards buying a netbook for my mom who desperately needs one.

  2. Hi Lisa – love your site! I would use the money to buy my mom a new coat for the brutal Chicago winter ahead of us!

  3. LOVE Ebates! If I won, I’d love to put the money toward a snowblower for the nasty Ohio winter ahead! (or maybe just a cute pair of boots to trudge through the snow!) Thanks, Lisa!

  4. i actually JUST joined ebates this morning and i already love it! i’d use the money to buy myself some cute new winter boots I’ve had my eye on :)

  5. I would do my grocery shopping at Whole Foods or New Seasons and not blanch at the pricey and delicious cheese and fair trade coffee!

  6. I would use the $100 to buy Christmas gifts for my family. This time of year can be tough on the budget so this would really help out.

  7. LOVE ebates! I’d spend the $100 toward holiday gifts that aren’t really in my budget this year but are well-deserved.

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  8. Hey Lisa! I would spend the money on drinks to host my college girlfriends when they come visit for new years.

  9. The $100 would go towards gifts for our Adopt a Family. It is so much a part of the holiday to see the joy in a child’s face when they receive something unexpected.

  10. I’d use $100 to go Christmas shopping for my family and buy my mom something nice because she never splurges on herself.

  11. I’d use the $100 to buy some new much-needed sweaters! (And maybe an ugly Christmas sweater for some fun parties.)

  12. I would use the $100 towards Christmas gifts. I just found out I need a root canal, I don’t have insurance and poof, there went my Xmas shopping fund. That $100 would mean a very Merry Christmas.

  13. I love ebates! I would use the $100 towards Christmas gifts for my 5 nieces and nephews. After a hectic financial year and moving a few weeks ago, I can use all the help I can to put smiles on those angelic faces :)

  14. I would use the money for my upcoming wedding! Every little amount helps!! And I do end up purchasing many things through Ebates during the planning process! Yay for Ebates!

  15. I’m an ebates member & I’d love to get my parents some comfortable pajamas for Christmas & I really need some slipper socks!

  16. I would love to win the $100 from ebates to buy my hubby some new clothes -he hates to spend money on clothes until his old ones fall apart!

  17. I love ebates…it reminds me about websites I forgot to check. I would use the money to buy another lens for my camera or add it to my little savings account for the camera I have been jonesing for.

  18. I am an ebates member.

    I would love to put this money towards some warm winter boots for my kids. We already received over 15″ of snow here in Maine!

  19. I am an ebates member and I’d spend this money to treat my parents to a lovely Christmas dinner because they do so much without rewarding themselves ever. They deserve it :)

  20. I love Ebates!!! I would probably spend the money on a gift or two for my husband. That is…if I’m able to think of something to get him!!!

  21. I am an Ebates member and just got my first BIG FAT CHECK this month. I would spend this money shopping on the internet for Christmas gifts, and I would get some of it BACK on my next BIG FAT CHECK!!

  22. Ebates member here! I’d either use it for a gift for my boyfriend, or maybe put it into savings like I SHOULD :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  23. I’m registered with ebates! And I would use it to my pot of $$ for that ‘someday’ trip to Vegas. Mama needs to GET OUTTA HERE!! thanks :)

  24. I’m registered with ebates.

    I’d use the money to buy lots of presents for my new niece who is entering the world on 12/12

  25. I’d spend my $100 on my friends & family for Christmas presents… and maybe just a little something for myself :)

  26. I’m a member of ebates and would use it to buy a little something for myself since I”ve finished my kids Christmas shopping. Would love to get a pair of Hunter rain boots!

  27. I would have to put the money into my savings! My fiance and I are paying for our wedding and first home on our owns, so eventually the money would go toward those!! :)

  28. I am registered with ebates. I would buy my daughter a pair of Tom’s because she wants to help give back.

  29. This is a great giveaway! As a single mom, I would love to use the $100 towards buying my two kids some musical toys–they go wild for the kind that light up & make noise!

  30. I would use to buy more fun experiences at gilt city or groupon/livingsocial, although gilt city nyc has the best ones! And, you can use ebates for gilt city/group. I have been a proud member of ebates for a few years now!
    Thank you lisa – you rock!

  31. I’m an Ebates member. If I won, I would use the $100 towards the price of a plane ticket to visit my parents for Christmas.

  32. I would use the $100 to buy a Keurig Coffemaker! (and I’d make the $100 count by using Ebates of course!)

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