DIY: Make Your Own Captoe Shoes

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This is not a DIY blog and I don’t intend on it ever becoming one, mainly because I can’t/won’t/don’t DIY anything. I respect those who can, but craftiness is not in my bag of tricks.

That being said, I saw this captoe shoe DIY on Pinterest and thought it was worth sharing. The steps seem easy enough and you could use this tutorial to make capstone flats or pumps.

The only bummer? The site links back to a Portugese language blog, which isn’t ideal for the non-Portugese speakers among us. Luckily, I think the photos mostly speak for themselves.  Find the full tutorial here.

Would you ever make your own pair of capstone shoes?

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5 Responses

  1. Ladybug4Sun

    Love it. I intend to paint my shoes in some of the neon colors soon. i can’t wait :)

  2. Cami_abruzzeze

    It’s Portuguese not Spanish… And not kill left the link to the blog…

    • My apologies! I should have checked the language before claiming it was Spanish! The link to the blog where the tutorial originates also appears right under the photo.

  3. Mariana

    Right, no big deal, you need shoes, paint tape, fabric paint, and a brush..Put the white paint first that way will cover the black easier and put the color of your desire on to of it. If your shoes is a leather or leather like you can use spray paint, just make sure you cover the shoe with plastic bag just letting the part that is going to be painted out.

  4. Donna

    You will need to use a primer paint over dark colors before adding your final color. If painting over leather you should use paint specifically for that or it will chip off. I wonder if you could brush on that rubber paint you use on the ends of tools??? Hmmm