2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Food Lovers

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Gifts for Food Lovers

Chocolat et Fromage Gift Set - Gifts for Food Lovers Farmstead's Six-Month Meat Club - Gifts for Food Lovers

This Chocolat et Fromage Gift Set ($59.99) sounds divine. You’ll get chocolate. You’ll get cheese. You’ll get honey. And if you want to pay a bit more you can even get some wine.

While there’s no denying the Farmstead’s Meat Club ($275) is a bit pricey, you’ll get six months worth of meat and other accoutrements spread out through the year. Based on the descriptions, everything sounds absolutely amazing.

Red Alaea Salt - Gifts for Food Lovers Guinness Marshmallows from Wondermade - gifts for food lovers

I’m one of those people that’s always drawn to different types of salt. I have quite a selection, although I never really know how/when to use them. Enter Beyond the Shaker, where you’ll find nothing but gourmet salts such as this Red Alaea Salt ($13.50). The website gives you descriptions of the salt (this red salt is the native salt of Hawaii!), and gives suggested uses (one recommended use for this salt is over scrambled eggs). Plus, the salt is housed in bottles that stack together in a decorative manner.

There are few treats tastier than a homemade marshmallow, and those from Wondermade are exceptional. Wondermade makes their marshmallows in small batches and the flavors are constantly changing. Above is a Guinness Marshmallow ($7.50), and you’ll currently find other flavors such as Honey Pear, Apple Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Pie.


Masala Pop - Gifts for Food Lovers Aztec Iced Hot Chocolate - Gifts for Food Lovers

When the people at Masala Pop reached out about their gourmet popcorn made with Indian spices, I was a little skeptical but I’m a believer now. Masala Pop has such a nuanced flavor, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted in a popcorn before. It’s absolutely delicious! A Three-Pack Masala Pop Sampler ($13) is the perfect way to try all three flavors, just be prepared to have a new favorite treat! (Though I called this a sampler, the bags are quite large and each contains a couple of servings.)

I may have included this Aztec Iced Hot Chocolate ($24) in large part because of the fantastic packaging, but something tells me it will also taste delicious and it’s a nice spin on traditional coffees and teas that are common gift items.

Qooq - Gifts for Food Lovers Ah Love Oil & Vinegar - Gifts for Food Lovers

For the person that loves to cook comes the Qooq ($399), the first tablet designed specifically for kitchen use. It has 3800+ recipes stored on it, as well as videos featuring kitchen technique. It can help with meal planning. It’s rugged design holds up if it gets dropped or things get spilled on it. And yes, you can still check your email, listen to music, and watch videos on it, too. Qooq was designed in France, and only the French version is currently available. The English version will be released by the end of the year.

You’ll find a few different artisinal olive oil gift sets available at Ah Love Oil & Vinegar, including the Decadence Taste Collection ($27.95), which includes Blood Orange Olive Oil, Lime Olive Oil, Berry Balsamic Vinegar, and Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar.

Mugolio Pine Syrup - gifts for food lovers Vanilla Infusion Kit - Gifts for Food Lovers

I can’t imagine what Mugolio Pine Syrup ($28) tastes like because some reviewers on the Dean & Deluca website describe it as being “piney” while others say it’s more floral. All agree that it adds a tremendous amount of delicious and unique flavor to breakfast foods.

What intrigues me about this Vanilla Infusion Kit ($15) is that it claims you will never run out because you replace the extract you use with more vodka!


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