Holiday Giveaway: Lisa’s FabBox

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It’s that time again! Time to resurrect Lisa’s FabBox, which is my personal take on the subscription box trend that is so popular right now. Instead of paying a fee to get the FabBox, however, the only way to get your hands on a FabBox is to WIN one!

I had a lot of fun putting together the last FabBox and I’ve been planning this next one ever since. This time around, there will be FOUR winners! Three winners will win boxes stuffed with products like this:

FabBox Giveaway from


Specifically, those three winners will receive:

  • A giant cosmetics bag stuffed with at least 35 product samples (samples vary and include a few products from this year’s gift guide)
  • D.L. & Co. Candles
  • Notecards
  • Pens
  • A fab piece of jewelry
  • $10 Starbucks gift card
  • $10 iTunes gift card
  • A couple of other surprises (it wouldn’t be a “box” if I told you everything that would be included ahead of time!)

One grand prize box will come stuffed with everything above, as well as the following items that were featured in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide:

  • Crockpot Lunch Warmer
  • Skinfare Skin Balm
  • Bidwell Botanicals Scrub
  • Chapstick – special holiday edition
  • Kushyfoot Flats to Go
  • Uncommon iPhone Case (for an iPhone 4/4S)
  • Botanical Paperworks Plantable Holiday Cards

This is pretty much our biggest giveaway ever and is our way of saying a huge thank you to each of you that takes the time to read this site. In this season of thanks, we cannot thank you enough for continuing to read and comment here on a regular basis. If I could, I’d certainly send FabBoxes to each and every one of you.

All entries for this giveaway will be tallied using the Rafflecopter below. There are MANY ways to enter. Feel free to enter as many – or as few – times as you like. Thank you in advance for helping to share the word about this giveaway and about our holiday gift guide!

This giveaway will remain open through December 14, 2012. All boxes will ship out to the winners immediately after the winning entries have been verified. Entries are open to the U.S. and Canada only, please.


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More giveaway fun: Enter to win a Superhero Cape Backpack for your little one! Also, enter to win a $50 gift card to UUPP!

247 Responses

  1. Love the Casemate Crossbody!

  2. Deirdre

    The Melinda Maria nailhead stone ring is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win. XO

  3. Clare

    I think the memorial pendant has to be my favorite. My daughter can’t write yet, but when she can I am going to want her signature (or “mom” in her handwriting).

  4. Nicole Q

    My favorite is an item my kids would love – the Jingle Interactive story book with stuffed Jingle the Dog.

  5. jennifer

    love the crockpot warmer

  6. Nancy

    Would love the crockpot warmer!

  7. Stefanie

    I like the Bubble Calendar. It’s such a clever idea and I think my nephews will love it!

  8. Nancy

    I would love a crockpot warmer!

  9. erin p

    I love the stardust camera strap!

  10. gigis83

    like the calendar

  11. Nicole

    I want everything, especially the crock pot warmer!!

  12. Are You Kidding Me?

    Looks fantastic! You’re so generous!!!

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  14. Gabrielle

    I love the Romeo & Julienne cutting board. I also love a good pun.

  15. Frances

    Thanks for the chance to win. What a fab box you put together. I could use the candles for the next big storm to hit NYC!

  16. I can’t decide between the Crock Pot Lunch Warmer or the Ciate Mini Mani Set, but they’re definitely my top 2 from the Holiday Gift Guide!

  17. Eloquence

    The Calligraphy Starter Kit looks wonderful! I’d love to have that for myself.

  18. i would love to win! nice blog!

  19. Great giveaway! I love the customized iPhone case.

  20. Nancy

    My favorite is the Starbucks card!

  21. Anne L

    The Free People Hair Chalk is a great idea! Might have to pick one up for myself.

  22. JessieC

    Chocolat et Fromage Gift Set

  23. gina

    Love the Melinda Maria Nailhead Stone Ring

  24. Suzy

    My favorite gift from the gift guide is the make your own gummy kit…my niece and nephew are getting these this year!

  25. Katy H

    Love the crock pot warmer!!

  26. That crock pot warmer would be a great gift to the gals in my office!! I’ve never heard of such a thing.

  27. Arinna Black

    I really love the crock pot warmer! I usually hate reheating pasta because it dries out in the microwave and putting it back on the stove is a lot of work (and you can’t do it unless you’re at home D:) and since I’m someone who *loves* my pasta, this would be perfect.

  28. Nury

    I like the Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set!

  29. not to be repetitive, but i LOVE the crock pot warmer. i absolutely hate the taste of microwaved food, so i NEED this in my life!

  30. i like the weekender bag

  31. Rachel

    I like the Crock Pot Lunch Warmer

  32. Megan Parsons

    I like the Rainbow Cake Food Coloring Set

  33. Crockpot Lunch Warmer!

  34. Jessica To

    My favorite would have to be the Crockpot Lunch Warmer!

  35. Tessa

    I love love love the Rachel Zoe tuxedo ornament and I’m totally picking one up!

  36. Michele Behln

    I like the Ciate ‘Mini Mani’ Set

  37. Lara

    My favorite has got to be the enormous number of samples! my daughter’s and i would have a great time trying things we normally cannot! Thank you for your blog.

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  39. I like surprises !

  40. Wilma P

    I really like the Rachel Zoe Tuxedo ornament

  41. Karen

    Wow! Nice giveaway, thanks.

  42. Sonya

    Nice giveaway. I like to be surprised

  43. vanderpug

    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  44. Thank you for this giveaway. I would look forward to going through the cosmetic samples.

  45. Sheila

    What a great sample box!

  46. mechele johnson

    How fun! Thank you for the opportunity!!!!!

  47. Melanie Mervin

    Looks like a great thing to win!

  48. TKline

    Love the record clock!

  49. this is the first time I’ve seen those JulieG polishes, they look pretty.

  50. Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set ($58) that includes 17 best selling colors, 4 caviar mixes, and 3 exclusive glitter shades.

  51. Karin Dollery

    I would love the Ciate Mini Mani Set :)

  52. Nars Warhol Flowers Eyeshadow Palette

  53. melissa griffith

    I’m all about the ciate mini mani set.

  54. georgette c

    The Rose Gold Pyramid Stud Earrings are nice.

  55. Vesper2012

    The San Juan Matea Weekender

  56. They all sound wonderful especially the sample box, pens, and GC’s

  57. Melissa Hartley

    Nars eye shadow & the bracelet 😀

  58. I love the Dark Knight Flash Drive :)

  59. Alison Braidwood

    The Nars eyeshadow is fab

  60. Cindi Decker

    I love that Memorial Pendant

  61. Bonny McDevitt

    Rainbow Cake food coloring 😀

  62. Ken Ohl

    the dark knight flash drive

  63. Rachel

    San Juan Matea Weekender

  64. Charlotte Raynor

    My favorite item are the bracelets from Gracelettes. I think they are really neat looking and pretty too. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  65. Brandy D.

    I really like the memorial pendant!

  66. The Nars Warhol Flowers Eyeshadow Palette .

  67. Kelly Commerford

    Ash & Dan’s Metallic Cutout Wrap

  68. One of my favorites is the ‘Mini Mani’ Set

  69. brandy

    Love the Metallic Cut Out Wrap

  70. Kelly

    Love the San Juan Matea weekender bag!

  71. Ciara B.

    Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set

  72. Erika E

    My favorite item is the DIYVA by Barbara K Ultimate Tool Kit.

  73. Jan Lee

    I like the camera :)

  74. I love the San Juan Matea Weekender

  75. I like the Farmstead’s Meat Club gift the best

  76. jeannie henrichs

    I like the Lego Idea book

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  78. Love the Growler on Board !

  79. […] a quick reminder that I’m giving away FOUR Fab Boxes this holiday […]

  80. What a great giveaway! Who wouldn’t love such a gift for themselves!

  81. love the kushy foot shoes.. really a lifesaver after a night of dancing

  82. Diane L.

    My favorite is the Calligraphy Starter Kit. Calligraphy is becoming a lost art!

  83. Nikki

    I love the memorial pendant!! Such a cute idea. Only I wish it had a more fun, less somber, name 😉

  84. katiek

    This is such an amazing giveaway – everything sounds wonderful but I’m intrigued by the crockpot lunch warmer. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!!

  85. robin

    I’m excited for the candles and notecards!

  86. S.

    I’m intrigued by the Calligraphy Starter Kit.

  87. Marci

    Great giveaway!

  88. I love the Ciate Mini Mani Set!

  89. I like the Crockpot Lunch Warmer and the Memorial pendant is really nice :).

  90. Natalie

    There are so many great things it was hard to pick a favourite, but I really like the Qooq!

  91. Ashley

    I like the DIYVA tool kit.

  92. Laura

    The Kushy Foot flats look great!

  93. Gauri

    The crockpot looks awesome!!

  94. Jennifer C.

    I would love to win one of the boxes. They would make great christmas gifts.

  95. Mini mani set! It is a must have in my wardrobe! Thank you for the giveaway!

  96. I like the crock pot lunch warmer

  97. Carla C

    Jewlery Station

  98. I would love to win this! Especially the cosmetics :)

  99. This is amazing!!! Love the site!

  100. AmandaSue

    Love the Ciate Caviar Mini Mani Polish Set! I’m a nail Polish Junkie! So I love the variety of colors!

  101. k

    I have purchased several things off your gift guide. Thank you for your terrific suggestions.

  102. Erin

    The bacon popcorn sounds so intriguing and unique!

  103. amybelle2001

    My favorite off your gift guide is the My Ubby personalized blanket. Love!

  104. I love the rose gold pyramid stud earrings!

  105. Christine Burd

    The Glltz and Glam party sampler

  106. Meg

    My favorite is the San Juan Matea Weekender bag!

  107. Calli

    Love the Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set!

  108. Stephanie Larison

    Melinda Maria Nailhead Stone Ring

  109. learningtitus2

    The TMNT hoodie!! 😀

  110. Trisha Yarascavitch

    My favourite is the Tablet Tail.

  111. I really love the Brooklyn Bridge Cuff its beautiful

  112. teri

    The Jewlery Station

  113. I would like the bacon popcorn

  114. i like the jewelry station

  115. Nena Sinclair

    The Brooklyn Bridge Cuff is gorgeous!

  116. Sumera

    The San Juan Matea Weekender is stunning!

  117. amyWI

    love the tote buddy!
    annae07 at aol dot com

  118. I really like the National Parks Canvas Map.

  119. Elise

    The memorial pendant is amazing and I have never seen that before!

  120. Stevie

    the crockpot lunch warmer sounds neat

  121. trinitronb

    i love the mini mani set…. but there were a ton of cute items on there!

  122. Amy P

    The lunch warmer is my fave

  123. shealynn

    Crock pot lunch warmer. WOW, what a brilliant idea. I really should think about buying one, it would be so useful because I usually can’t use a microwave at lunchtimes.

  124. I love the Memorial Pendant the best. (the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler looks amazing!)

  125. Ashley

    I like all the great gifts the pot lunch warmer the most!

  126. tezza

    im excited to this giveaway! and thank you! 😀

  127. Jennie

    I love that crockpot lunch warmer! Desserts from the loveless cafe also sounds fun. :)

  128. Nicole W

    I am loving the San Juan Matea Weekender! Thanks for the chance to win – your boxes sound fantastic! :) (I am a sucker for those subscription boxes, by the way!)

  129. Nicole Lancaster

    My favorite item from the gift guide is Grow a garden plant-able seed calender.

  130. Carmen Q

    Crock pot lunch warmer

  131. disqus_NoD024nPKd

    I like the Grow a Garden Calendar

  132. Kimberly

    I LOVE the Brooklyn Bridge Cuff from Betsy & Iya.

  133. Ash Johnson

    l like the Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set. I saw it at Sephora the other day and it looks awesome.

  134. rachel

    The plantable seed calendar is cool!

  135. Vee Sluys

    The Indoor/Outdoor Swing Groover would be a perfect gift for my husband

  136. Chrysa

    I love the Jingle the Interactive Story Buddy!

  137. Danielle B

    I like the Mini Mani Set

  138. Sydney

    The Rainbow Food Colouring Set!!! I made a rainbow cake for my dad’s birthday last year!!!

  139. Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set

  140. DIYVA by Barbara K Ultimate Tool Kit

  141. I love the metallic cutout wrap.

  142. gigi

    I love the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler

  143. Christina Ferguson

    The Glitz and Glam Party Sampler is my favorite.

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  145. The Brooklyn Bridge Cuff!

  146. ashley

    I love the Stardust Camera Strap

  147. I love the San Juan Matea Weekender!

  148. melmorgan4

    I love the Stardust Camera Strap and the Brooklyn Bridge cuff bracelet

  149. ciane mini mani set

  150. helen may

    Fav item from guide : stone ring

  151. Crockpot Lunch Warmer!!!

  152. Di

    crockpot lunch warmer

  153. Betsy Barnes

    I like the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler from Sephora :)

  154. Samantha R

    I like the memorial pendant!

  155. Joseph Gersch

    i like the Crock Pot Lunch Warmer (

  156. Shannon

    It is the perfect time of the year to stock up on moisturizer and other cosmetics! nothing better then late night self pedi-cure by the Christmas tree :)

  157. Bernice Mckay

    I like the DIYVA by Barbara K Ultimate tool kit

  158. Crockpot lunch warmer

  159. sueboobadoo

    I love the memorial pendant and the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler

  160. I like the Rachel Zoe Ornament. This is my first year with my own tree, and I can’t wait to add it to my collection!

  161. nicolthepickle

    I like the Rainbow cake food colouring set.

  162. Krystal M

    I get a big kick out of the Phineas and Ferb iHome that looks like Perry the Platypus. I know my brothers would, too!

  163. LaTrese Williams

    Love the Gingerbread Latté Shea Butter Sugar Scrub.

  164. karisa

    all of them are great gifts i love the nail polish set though my little sister would lovee that

  165. Lisa

    Glitz and Glam Party Sampler

  166. I am crazy about the Druzy Wrap Bracelet from the gift guide!

  167. eleanor

    The gift ideas are so fabulous. I like the Sephora Glitz And Glam Party Sampler.

  168. Blythe

    My favorite item there is the Crockpot lunch warmer, although many of the items are pretty cute!

  169. Kristin

    I love the Metallic Cutout Wrap!

  170. dawn

    love it

  171. Jill R

    the sugar scrub for sure!

  172. My favorite is the Crock Pot Lunch Warmer

  173. Shawna

    the cosmetics! I’ve always wanted to try other things besided foundation eye liner and mascara! lol

  174. The Crock Pot Lunch Warmer.

  175. Ashli

    The memorial necklace charm

  176. Cody Anderson

    the Crock Pot Lunch Warmer

  177. Jeanette J

    My favorite is the Nintendo Wii U

  178. Terry

    I love the San Juan Matea Weekender!

  179. Melanie G

    My favorite gift is the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler from Sephora!

  180. Kim W

    I love the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler from Sephora

  181. Holly Trudeau

    love the memorial pendant!

  182. Ruth Anderson

    Love the note cards and pens

  183. Jasanna

    Calligraphy starter set!

  184. kathy f

    I love the tablet tail. So cool.

  185. The gift cards are my favorite!!

  186. kindra baron

    I love the blinc mascara!

  187. Kristi Renout

    I like the crockpot lunch warmer!

  188. The Rose Gold Pyramid Stud Earrings!

  189. A. Anderson

    I love the Stilla makeup, jewelry and the mini nail polish set.

  190. Caryn S

    I love the Memorial Pendant

    caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

  191. Cory

    Crockpot lunch warmer!

  192. kathy pease

    i like the Jewelry Station

  193. Wehaf

    I love the Ash & Dan’s Metallic Cutout Wrap.


  195. Crystal

    I don’t know how I missed this fabulous giveaway! The crock pot lunch warmer would be great!

  196. katie

    love the rose gold earrings!

  197. hazel

    crockpot lunch warmer

  198. s riches

    I like the Rachel Zoe Ornament

  199. Libradoll

    The San Juan Matea Weekender is my favorite thing. I loved other stuff for my family too, like the Wii for my brother and the blanket for my niece.

  200. Michelle W

    I love the J. Hadley’s Bow Ring

  201. ma21cuteboy

    I wane ant to sy all of it but that wouldn’t be very fair. Ciate Mini Mani Set, San Juan Matea Weekender, Stardust Camera Strap, blinc mascara, buddy shaping tool, Caligraphy Starter Set, NArS Warhol Plette, DIYVa Toolkit, Claire Vivier’s Large Clutch..”oh man I love it all!

  202. Karen

    Ash & Dan’s Metallic Cutout Wrap. Thanks for the giveaway.

  203. jm

    crockpot lunch warmer

  204. the bridge cuff looks nice!

  205. richelle bowers

    rachel zoe ornament

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  207. Rainbow Cake Food Coloring Set

  208. I like the Crock Pot warmer

  209. Christine

    I like the Wine Tasting Party Kit, great gift!

  210. JMJones

    I like the brow buddy. I struggle with my eye brows.

  211. mandy

    i love the jewlery station. i soo need something like that

  212. Rachel

    Crockpot Lunch Warmer

  213. San Juan Matea Weekender Bag

  214. samantha meyer

    I like the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler

  215. Ellie W

    Clare Vivier’s Large Flat Clutch

  216. Lucy Schwartz

    I would like the Metallic Cutout Wrap.

  217. I like the Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set

  218. I would love to get the Ciate Mini Mani Nail Polish Set for my daughter =D

  219. CHARLENE S.

    The Jewelry Station is my fave :)

  220. Frances

    I would love the cosmetics bag with the product samples. I love trying new brands of skincare, haircare, etc. And they’re really handy to use when travelling. Thanks & Happy Holidays!

  221. Ahh!! I would love love love to share this with my sisters! Beauty products are more fun when shared :)

  222. Alison Wood

    I like the Calligraphy Starter Kit best.

  223. Andrea

    I like the Crock Pot Lunch Warmer.

  224. Kaitlin

    The Crock Pot Lunch Warmer sounds perfect for my lunches at the office!

  225. Desiree H

    Crockpot Lunch Warmer

  226. The Rachel Zoe Ornament

  227. Gauri

    definitely the crockpot!!

  228. love the rose gold pyrimid stud earrings

  229. Sheree

    I love the San Juan Matea Weekender Bag!

  230. I really like the Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set.

  231. Rosey

    The customized iPhone case was my favorite of the gift ideas.

  232. Michelle B

    I love the Gingerbread Latté Shea Butter Sugar Scrub.

  233. mrssquigg

    I like these: Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set

  234. Caroline M

    I like the Ciate Mini Mani Set.

  235. Saver Sara

    Super excited about everything but especially the Glitz and Glam Party Sampler

  236. Jane Hoh

    I’m ready to retire so I would love The New York Times 36 Hours, 150 Weekends in the Us and Canada. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  237. I like the Druzy Wrap Bracelet – Gold

  238. Pam

    My favorite item is the San Juan weekender bag.

  239. susan1215

    Crock Pot Lunch Warmer

  240. I really like the Growler on Board

  241. Sumer B.

    I like the Ciaté ‘Mini Mani’ Set.

  242. I love the DIYVA by Barbara K Ultimate Tool Kit

  243. Lynn

    I like the Crock Pot Lunch Warmer:)

  244. Susan Climan

    I like the Brooklyn Bridge Cuff Bracelet.

  245. Sandy V.

    I like the crockpot lunch warmer.

  246. lalaine h

    the mini mani set

  247. suzanna miles

    please please please lol

  248. mary f

    would love, love, love to have a stardust camera strap… I’m always setting my camera down at partys, holidays, etc.. this would be perfect!

  249. Divya Kosappally Muraleedharan

    love these………….

  250. I love the subscription to for the makers!

  251. Heather Stamper

    Customized iPhone Case

  252. Amanda Boerst

    I love the For The Makers box!