Win This: Kindle Fire Giveaway

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Kindle Fire Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a Kindle Fire Sale and I went ahead and purchased one to give away to a reader! The Kindle Fire has internet, music, and movie capabilities, in addition to being one of the best e-readers on the market. I have an old school Kindle that I absolutely adore. I love the ease of purchasing books on the go and that brand new books typically cost less on the Kindle than they do in paper form.

Since this giveaway is a “thank you for being such awesome readers” giveaway, entering will be simple and everyone gets just one entry!

Enter to Win a Kindle Fire:

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below sharing what gift you would most like to receive this holiday season.

(Please note that comments saying something along the lines of “I love this giveaway!” will not count as entries. While these comments flatter my ego, they’re not fair to the people that follow the rules for entry.)

This giveaway will remain open through December 17, 2012. One person will be randomly selected to win a Kindle Fire.

Good Luck!

139 Responses

  1. Kimberly

    I would love a gift card for a facial or a massage!

  2. The thing I would love to receive this holiday season a blue topaz ring!

  3. cameragirl

    i would love a canon t3i digital slr camera

  4. Maureen

    I would love an ipad

  5. Sephora gift cards are at the top of my Christmas list. I love buying makeup but feel a little guilty about it most of the time, so receiving gift cards makes it a fun treat!

  6. Karen Duhai

    My favorite Christmas presents aren’t so much things as experiences. I would love tickets to a Broadway musical. I love the shows and the music and dancing, but I enjoy even more the opportunity to make awesome memories with people I love. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. ktb0719

    A new *nice* camera bag for the new camera I just bought.. that would make my day. :)

  8. Beth

    I’m really hoping for some earrings…or the West Elm chandelier I’ve been wanting since I moved into my house!!!

  9. Rachel

    I really want a Dyson for my house!

  10. k.lenzen

    I really want an elliptical!

  11. I have left so many hints to everyone that I want a Keurig..I even bought K cups to leave out as a visual hint LOL

  12. Rebecca

    I would love some new ski pants.

  13. i want a ticket to Paris :)

  14. debraa528

    A particular wall cross to add to my collection

  15. I actually would love to get good health for my self and other sick family memebers. Been a rough year. Thanks.

  16. glitznyc

    I’d love to get a massage from a spa!

  17. Liz

    A kindle fire! No, I’m really not kidding :)

  18. Julia Cleveland

    Selling our house!

  19. Rachel

    I would love to have an ipad mini

  20. I would most like to receive a full payoff of my student loan debt….or a Canon t3i DSLR camera!

  21. I would love to get a new pair of roller skates.

  22. Maggie

    i really want a west highland terrier. it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving, even after the holiday is over :)

  23. Katie

    I really need a new laptop!

  24. christinafisher

    A flight home :) But since that’s kind of not an option, I’d “settle” for a new purse!

  25. Marci

    I would love to receive a J.Crew gift card.

  26. Latanya

    A new handbag. Thanks

  27. jenmurph01

    I would most like to receive lots of quality time with loved ones – has been way too busy of a year with not enough time with the people I care about most!

  28. DJ

    I would love to have a girls night with my friends and a spa day with my sister!

  29. i want a shopping spree to nordstrom rack!

  30. i would like to receive a diamond necklace this holiday season

  31. Amanda D

    I really want a Michael Kors watch!

  32. Fingers crossed for some new bedding (and fingers crossed I win this Kindle Fire!)

  33. Mindy

    I would love to receive a pair of Frye Celia X Stitch boots in grey. Ooh la la!

  34. Mia

    I would love to get a new Garmin GPS for Christmas!

  35. Adrianne Strong

    I’m hoping for a new Michael Kors watch!

  36. iamevie

    I’d love to receive an Amex or Visa gift card this holiday season… that way I can use it to buy whatever it is that I need, even if it’s just groceries lol.

  37. Idella

    I would love a new Jewlery Box

  38. I’m hoping for my Dad to be healthy enough to travel for Christmas. If not, this will be the first Christmas he has been unable to come to our house for the holidays in 20 years.

  39. Katy Hinsdale

    I’m hoping for the Insanity workout DVDs! After having my 3rd daughter this past May…I’m looking to get back in shape:)

  40. Kammi

    I would give this to my dad for christmas

  41. Nancy

    I would love some cultured pearl earrings and ring.

  42. Kim

    I’d love to be given a new table this Christmas! We’ve been trying to decide between the Kindle Fire & an iPad2 – this would solve that dilemma!

    Other than a tablet, I’d love to have a ring made that will incorporate our baby girl’s birthstone.

  43. Kerry Kimbrough

    This year I asked for an immersion blender for making soups. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. I want a dry blade container for my Vitamix….but most of all I want the finances to get my 6 kids presents they deserve. They are awesome kids!!

  45. I would love a subscription to PopSugar! Love my Birchbox, but can’t wait to see what PS has to offer :)

  46. I would love to receive the Urban Decay Naked or Naked 2 eye palette for Christmas!

  47. Kristen

    I would love some new clothes this Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway. You guys are awesome!

  48. Kindle Fire….great holiday present for me.

  49. amandamae04

    A Kindle Fire! :)

  50. Amanda Black

    Not a lot this year. I’m pretty excited about seeing my 2 year old “get” Christmas. I also want a letter charm for that little one. I’ve cleverly sent this hope directly to the hubs. OH, and a Kindle Fire.

  51. Breshawn

    I would most like to receive a tablet. I need to get rid of my old heavy laptop and catch up with technology. Fingers crossed!!

  52. Amber Jackson

    I would most like to receive an XBOX 360 with kinect. No, I am not a 13 year old boy. I am just addicted to dancing video games! Haha. I have a wii, and 3 of the 4 Just Dance games. I reeeeeaaallly want to play Dance Central, which is only available on XBOX, but I just can’t justify spending $300 on a gaming system for one or two versions of the same game. I’ve had this dilemma for years now!

  53. Sarah

    I’m hoping for a rose gold Michael Kors watch! They’re so elegant!

  54. I’d most like to receive a plane ticket to see my sister. We live a few states away from one another and I am missing her pretty heavy around the holidays.

  55. Archelle

    I typically don’t expect anything and would have the standard pair of socks on my wish list. On our 10th Xmas with the hubby he gave me 10 pairs for each year I had asked for socks to go with an ipod shuffle at the time. It was Brilliant! I think the laugh was absolutely the perfect gift.

  56. Kimberly

    I would love a new Nikon DSLR camera – I take tons of photos, and I’d love to have a truly great camera. I do hope you get what you wish for this season!!

  57. Sara R

    I’m hoping to receive some fun new movies to watch, like “21 Jump Street!”

  58. Crystal

    I “really” want the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, but that’s highly unlikely so I’ll settle for my favorite perfume “Be Delicious” by DKNY.

  59. msnancy127

    I would love to give my daughter a great Christmas. She wants a nintendo 3ds. My wish for Christmas would be to grant her wish.

  60. Melanie G

    I want Amazon gift cards! Then, I can buy anything.

  61. Megan

    I would most like to see my health improve. In second place, I would like an iMac.

  62. suzy

    The gift I would like is for my family to put aside past differences and live in the moment. (I honestly don’t have a physical gift I really want!)

  63. I would love to receive a new MAC book pro, my old one is great but as a blogger I need more memory!

  64. Jen

    I just started working from home so I would love a second computer monitor.

  65. mar2mack

    I just got engaged so I think that is enough of a gift for one year…

    but I could always use a monogram necklace with my future initials!

  66. Are You Kidding Me?

    I would like a Kinect for our xBox! But a Kindle Fire would be nice too…

  67. petra

    definitely not glamorous, but I really need a vacuum

  68. ewy111

    I would love to get a fabulous chic faux fur scarf/hoodie.

  69. Jenny from Lucky in Love

    I want a really awesome retro apron. There is zero percent chance I will get this :)

  70. I would love to have a new dresser, mine has broken legs.

  71. Stephanie

    A plane ticket to see my love across the country!

  72. I would like to receive some candy making supplies. I would like a digital candy thermometer, another silicone mat and a few more utensils I can keep just for candy making.

  73. Janice Phan

    I would love to receive new shiny shoes for xmas!

  74. I want t get a stay-cool pillow

  75. Frances

    I would love for somebody to get me every Ewan McGregor movie on dvd. I already have a few, just need to complete my collection!

  76. Erin

    I would love some really cute workout clothes and a little bit of extra motivation to go along with them! 😉

  77. Rosemary Urta

    I really would like a camera as my xmas present! i am currently using my phone :( I hope to take nice pics of my 2 boys and record memories. <3

  78. Julia

    There’s a cute little necklace on the Tiffany’s site that I’m hoping my husband will get for me.

  79. melmorgan4

    I want a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera.

  80. Dilcia

    I love to cook and this year I really would like to update my pots and pans…I’m hoping to get the Paula Deen set of pots and pans…in Tiffany blue perferably :)

  81. Dilcia

    I love to cook…For this Christmas I really would like a new set of pots and pans from none only than Paula Deen…in the tiffany blue color of course :)

  82. I’d really love to see a clarisonic under the tree!!

  83. JFair

    I would love to get a pair of leather leggings under my tree this year!

  84. I was actually hoping to get a Kindle,but things are really tight money wise this year, so no presents for hubby and me this year! if I won one that would be extra special!!

  85. Not to sound cheesy but getting to spend time with extended family is what I want the most. But cool socks are always nice too!

  86. I’d really like one of those Hyper Juice chargers for my phone for Christmas!

  87. Sage

    i’d love a macbook, but that’s really wishful thinking, so i’ll be really cheesy and say all i really want is a nice peaceful christmas with my family. :)

  88. megan blumenthal

    I would love a kindle Fire!!

  89. I would love a new camera!

  90. Karen

    I’m really hoping for a gold watch!

  91. kara turner

    i’d really like an ipad or a kindle fire because i’m in college and they’re easier to carry than a buncha books

  92. Ash Nicole

    I’m hoping to get new Large Curved baskets from west elm. Something about baskets filled with blankets makes spaces more cozy in the winter

  93. Jamie N.

    This holiday, I am hoping to get a macro lens for my dslr camera.

  94. grace

    Something in rose gold, such as a statement necklace or a small clutch.

  95. tiffany stone

    a pair of comfortable everyday boots.

  96. Kristin

    This holiday I am hoping for a new camera case (and maybe a new strap.)

  97. Caryn

    I’m hoping for gift certificates to use towards “beautifying” myself (e.g., highlights, spray tan) for my wedding this summer. That stuff gets expensive fast!

  98. Samantha

    I would love to get a car! Wishful thinking, right?! Haha, but it would be crazy helpful!

  99. KC Michelle

    I would like a new sofa for Christmas as mine has seen better days…

  100. I would most like to receive a pair of brushes and a pair of rods (drumsticks) for Christmas this year!

  101. I’m hoping to get a new Coach purse for Christmas in the bright pink color!

  102. Nicole W

    I would LOVE a KitchenAid stand mixer! :) Thanks for the giveaway – I love to read!

  103. Alyssa

    I would love a Chanel bag but, more realistically, a new Longchamp would be great too! :)

  104. Monica Young

    I’d love a new Coach purse but I know financially that won’t happen right now.

  105. A. Anderson

    This year the gift that I would love to have is a job. Being laid off in the holidays is rough. But I would love to be able to get my son a Wii U and my daughter a LeapPad2 so she can learn. Those would be the gifts I would want not for me but for my kids to be happy when Santa comes.

  106. angevege

    I would love to get a 3D TV for Christmas.

  107. kathy pease

    I have been wanting a kindle fire hd most and have been dropping hints to my hubby..hope he comes through :)

  108. Rachel

    I really want a Lululemon yoga mat! :) And a gift certificate to the local yoga studio I go to :)

  109. Ivan92116

    new running shoes….and thanks for the giveaway.

  110. besides the kindle, new dress shoes.

  111. A digital camera.

  112. Kelly Falcone

    I would like to get a spa day for Christmas!

  113. s riches

    I would like to get a Hickory Farms box.

  114. Valerie M

    I’d like to get a bread maker.

  115. Christine

    I’d like to get a car, although very unlikely it’s hard to be without one especially with a broken foot! If not the car then a Kindle Fire would be a close second, as I am doing quite a bit of reading right now!

  116. Griselda

    I would love to get a sewing maching so I can stop shopping so much and save my money.

  117. mandy

    i would love a new washer and dryer for christmas ( i know its not going to happen tho lol)

  118. cherie montorio

    I would love to receive a Nume curling wand for Christmas.

  119. Andrea

    I would love to get a DSLR.

  120. Kaitlin

    I would love a gift certificate to Adagio Teas, my CPA exam to be paid for, or a years subscription to PopSugar Must Have 😀

  121. Bianca B

    I would love to get a pair of Frye boots that I’ve been keeping my eyes on :)

  122. I would love to get a trip somewhere or an experience – like skydiving or scuba diving…something exciting!

  123. Saver Sara

    I would most like to receive a tablet or a reader but since I haven’t asked for them and they aren’t in our budget, it doesn’t look good. :) It’s still fun to hope!

  124. Lynn

    I would love to win an iPad!

  125. Jeanette J

    I would love to find a new laptop under my tree this year.

  126. jessica lakeman

    I would love to get a nursery set up for my baby girl!

  127. Virginia Rowell

    I would love to get a Keurig this year. My husband would love a Kindle Fire!

  128. crystal

    I would love a new bicycle! So I can ride and travel to and from work, school, grocery shopping, a friends house. It is green friendly and a great way to exercise.

  129. i would like to receive a gym membership gift certificate the most. I am out of shape with copd and i need to feel GOOD

  130. SueSueper

    I mostly want a Microsoft Surface Tablet! I think it would do me very well, may just replace my laptop. 😀 My husband would love the Kindle Fire!

  131. Brooke

    I would love to receive a kindle fire so I could do my school work on it this upcoming semester! It will be my 2nd semester of my sophomore year! I’ve always wanted to do my school work on a tablet but never have been able to afford one:/

    • Brooke

      *sophomore year of college!

  132. Donna

    I’d love to win a Kindle but I’d also like a new purse for christmas

  133. Sertp

    I’m really into tennis and I’ve been hoping for a new stringing machine this xmas

  134. Julie

    I’d love a Louis bag that I could put a new kindle in to :)

  135. Linda

    I’d really love an ipad for xmas

  136. hofken

    I would most like to receive an iPhone 5

  137. Linda

    I’d really love a new laptop for christmas

  138. Kelly

    I’m really hoping to find an XBox fitness game under the tree. I’ve been hinting!!