2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Bar Gifts

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Bar Gifts

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Bar Gifts

In each of our previous gift guides we have included bar gifts in gifts for men, but it struck me this year that this is unfair. There are plenty of women who enjoy adult beverages as well, so this year bar gifts gets its own section.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Personalized Growlers Personalized Growler • $22 at Nordstrom

If filling growlers is your recipient’s preferred method of obtaining their favorite beer, why not get them this personalized growler so they can do so in style?

L. Mawby Detroit Sparking Wine • $15 at L. Mawby

If you haven’t spent a lot of time in Michigan you may not know that the west coast has a thriving wine scene. My preferred wine comes from L. Mawby, a small vineyard in northern Michigan that focuses on sparkling wine. If your intended gift recipient enjoys sparkling wine, they may enjoy this tasty blend (which I served at my wedding)!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: L.Mawby Detroit Sparkling Wine
2013 Holiday Gift Guide: SomeeCards Pint Glasses Someecards Pint Glasses • $8 at Urban Outfitters

I know plenty of people that can relate to the sentiment on this pint glass, and I’ll point to myself first.

Rabbit by Metrokane Decanter • $59.99 at Macy’s

Pouring wine into a decanter helps it pick up oxygen to enhance flavor and aroma. With this set you will get the funnel, strainer, and decanter.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Rabbit by Metrokane Decanter
2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Sphere Ice Molds Sphere Ice Molds • $10.95 at Sur La Table

Recently, whenever I find myself at a fancy drinking establishment my drink gets delivered with a single spherical ice cube in it. With these molds you can easily make your own and wow your guests with your fanciness!

Silver Banded Martini Mixer • $69.95 at Williams-Sonoma

If your gift recipient loves martinis, they could be making them in style with this chic mixer.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Silver Banded Martini Mixer
2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Make My Day Chillballs Make My Day Chillballs • $19.99 at Bloomingdale’s

Chillballs are an ingenious invention that lets one chill their wine without worrying about watering it down. Just freeze the balls and then clip it onto the glass and – voila – a chilled beverage sans extra water.

White House Honey Ale Beer Kit • $44.99 at Northern Brewer

With this ale kit your recipient will be able to make the same homebrew that was developed by the White House kitchen staff!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: White House Honey Ale Kit
2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Whiskey Book Whiskey Book • $84 at Graphic Image

This gorgeous leather-bound book is a real collectors item. It can even be personalized for that extra touch for your favorite whiskey drinker. This 367 page book includes everything from detailed descriptions of the whiskey regions of the world to information on distillers and brands to whiskey cocktail recipes.

Stu’s Bloody Mary Mixology Kit • $50 at Dean & Deluca

This kit contains everything needed to develop one’s personal perfect Bloody Mary, including two 8oz jars of Bloody Mary Mix, one 2oz jar of Sweet Corn Rimmer, One 2oz jar of Key Lime Juice, and one 1oz jar of Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Stu's Bloody Mary Mixology Kit

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a (very) small commission if you click a link and purchase something.

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