JewelMint Launching At-Home Style Consulting Business

JewelMint Starter Kit

While perusing Plum District, I came across an offer for JewelMint that I thought was interesting and share-worthy. When JewelMint launched they were just a monthly jewelry subscription site. Now it appears they’re going the Stella & Dot route and letting people start their own style consulting businesses.

There’s more information on the Mint Style website, but basically it appears that you purchase a starter kit and then you can start selling JewelMint jewelry.

The starter kit, which sells for $199 and has a retail value of $300, contains the following items:

  • Your personally selected collection of JewelMint pieces (allegedly $300 worth of jewelry)
  • Mint Style product catalogues
  • Client Order Forms
  • Mint Style canvas tote bag
  • Ring Sizer
  • Login information to your personal online office on
  • Unlimitted support from our Mint Style Community
  • A custom referral link for you to share with your Client
  • Comprehensive Mint Style Training Guide and tons of educational materials, templates and tools available in your Mint Style Studio

According to the website you’ll earn back your $199 investment with $660 in sales. There are two additional kits you can purchase: the essentials kit for $399 and the professional kit for $699. The difference in each kit is how much jewelry you get to start off with, and I guess your own attitude about making this a viable career opportunity. (ie, More jewelry to show could possibly mean more sales for you.)

I guess it makes sense for JewelMint to go in this direction, I’m just surprised that the first time I’m hearing about it is through a Plum District deal. With the Plum District offer you’ll still pay $199 for the Mint Style Starter Kit but you’ll also receive a leather jewelry box.

I wonder if this spells the end of JewelMint as a monthly subscription site, or if they’re just trying to find new ways to expand their clientele.

What do you think? Would you consider becoming a JewelMint Style Consultant?

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