Get a Year-Long Subscription to La Cucina Italiana for $4.99

La Cucina Italiana

Finally – a different magazine deal! I know it seems like I post the same magazine deals over and over again, but I only post what’s available to me. And what I think will interest some of you. Therefore I skip on the muscle car magazines. :)

Today DiscountMags is offering a year-long subscription to La Cucina Italiana for $4.99, and I’m really excited about this offer! I had a subscription to La Cucina Italiana a couple of years ago and this magazine comes packed with some of the most amazing Italian recipes and articles. This was one magazine I devoured from front to back every time it was delivered. I let my subscription lapse because I have approximately a bajillion magazines that show up on my doorstep each month, but I think I’m going to have to begin my rendez-vous with this magazine again.

One year of La Cucina Italiana is 7 issues. To get it for the discounted rate of $4.99 enter code “3828″ at checkout.

Click here to subscribe to La Cucina Italiana now!!!

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