Trade Your Movies & TV Shows for an Amazon Gift Card

I’ve been on a HUGE cleaning kick lately as I try to rid my house of clutter. Next up on my to-do list is purging old TV shows and movies that are taking up space on our shelf. While my husband is a bit of a pack rat when it comes to his movie collection, I don’t see the point of keeping anything I don’t plan on rewatching. (And the number of movies I’m interested in rewatching is pathetically small.)

When I received an email from Amazon this morning informing me that I could send them my old movies and TV shows for an Amazon gift card I was sold. I love making donations to Goodwill, but I’m happy to earn a few bucks, too! Finding the trade-in value is pretty simple.

Head to the Amazon Movies & TV Trade-In Page and then search for the movies or TV shows you’re looking to trade in for a gift card.

Big Love

Personally, I have season 1 of Big Love that I would like to clear off my shelves. Through Amazon, I’ll be able to earn a gift card for $4.25 for sending the DVDs to them. Not a bad deal for something I was willing to part with for nothing. As an added bonus, shipping is free! You’ll print off a pre-paid label and then send your items on their way.

After you ship the item and it is received by Amazon, they will review it to make sure it fits their quality guidelines. If it does, you will receive the gift credit in your account within two business days. If it does not, you can opt to have Amazon ship the item back to you or have them keep it if you don’t want to deal with it again.

Here’s a nice note I found on the Amazon website regarding the trade-in value: If your items are considered to be in a better trade-in eligible condition than what you selected, you will receive the corresponding higher amount.

I’m pretty excited about this program. I see a lot of Amazon credit in my future!

Click here to check out the the Amazon Trade-In Page now!!!

If you have electronics to trade in, be sure to check out Best Buy’s recycling program, where they’re currently guaranteeing at least $5 for most small electronics.

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