Treat Yourself to a Smooches Bundle from Pippin

Poppin Smooches

If you’re looking to pick up a little something for yourself this Valentine’s Day, I love this latest offer from Poppin. Poppin offers Smooches Bundles, which consist of a pen cup, ruler and 12 matching ballpoint pens. Just in time for Valentine’s Day they’re also going to throw in a free color-matching M&M’s and free shipping! The packs are also on sale! Normally $25, you can get all of this fun for $19.

Personally, I love buying office/school supplies and try to have “fun” things at my desk at all times. And, at the end of the day, I just think these Smooches Bundles are cute and I want one. (Technically, I suppose it should go on the formerly defunct Coveted site that I just resurrected, but there is a deal involved here so it winds up in this space.) The Smooches Bundles are available in six color combinations: red, pink, blue, yellow, turquoise, and white.

These bundles will be on sale through February 12, 2013.

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