Mid-Afternoon Shoe Shopping? Why Thank You, Rue La La

Rue La La Shoe Rush

The email said Rue La La Shoe Rush and my fingers went running. A fantastic shoe sale is EXACTLY what I needed to get me through this mid-afternoon slump.

After a quick perusal, there are tons of great finds just waiting to be found. I quickly spotted these Matt Bernson Waverly Flats included in the flats sale.

Matt Bernson Waverly

I recently wrote about how these were Amanda Seyfried’s favorite shoes, and then I purchased a pair for myself. The description of the shoes on the Matt Bernson website describes them as one of the most comfortable flats in the world. I’d have to agree. I haven’t had much of an opportunity to wear these shoes yet because of all of the snow on the ground, but whenever I do wear them I am struck by just how comfy they are. You can get the Matt Bernson Waverly for $143 from the MB website … or for just $64.90 from the Rue La La sale! No brainer, that one.

Click here to check out the Rue La La Shoe Rush now!!!

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