Steal This Look: Zoe Hart’s Wishbone Necklace in Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie Zoe Hart Wishbone Necklace


If any of you know Rachel Bilson in real life, please tell her how much I love her AND tell her how sorry I am for posting this awful photo of her on the internet. She kind of looks like an alien. Yikes.

Yet, it’s the best photo I could get of Zoe Hart’s Wishbone Necklace worn in the most recent episode of Hart of Dixie. Rachel Bilson tends to wear some pretty expensive designer duds on the show, and while this necklace is designer, it is definitely not expensive.



I am fairly certain Zoe Hart is wearing the Marc Jacobs Wishbone Necklace which retails for … wait for it … $7.00.

There will be no breaking of the bank with this necklace. Even if it’s not the exact one worn by Zoe Hart, it’s a very close replica. And it’s from Marc Jacobs and costs just 7 bucks. If you’re wondering, this necklace even has its own hashtag! #WISHBONENECK

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