Beauty Reviewed: Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

Have you bought something solely based upon the packaging? I have. :) That’s how I ended up purchasing Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask. It seriously looked so cool in the bottle that I immediately thought, “I want!” So I did!

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I actually decided to see what I had put in my cart. Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask is exactly that, a hydration mask. And luckily for me it’s designed for dry to very dry skin.

Basically, I attribute it to cold cream like my Grandmother used to wear. You apply it, let it sit, then tissue it off.

This mask has an intense moisture boost to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth. Glycerin and Cocoa butter combine with emollients to nourish and deeply moisturize the skin. Ceramides and cholesterol will target the very surface of the skin, adding essential lipids (or oils) and strengthening its surface. Contains Vitamin E and C.

I washed my face and then applied. The directions say massage onto face, so that’s what I did. I anticipated it to get hard like a mask, but it didn’t. Then, I let it sit for 3 minutes and tissued off. I noticed that my face practically drank it up! Then, after wiping it off, it said to rinse my face. I did that, expecting to feel tight and dry and was so pleased that my face felt smooth and soft! I was in love!

The scent reminded me of roses. It was mild enough though that it didn’t bother me. And the texture of the mask was just delightful! It felt like a fluffy lotion. That’s weird, sorry. I’m not quite sure how else to describe it.

I picked it up for about $16 or so at Target, but I know it’s also available at Ulta. What I will tell you is that I would even pay  more for this if it were to be so. It’s that darn awesome.

The biggest change for me was the morning after. I had used Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask at night and woke up still feeling refreshed and hydrated. Even after washing my face this morning I noticed I barely needed any moisturizer! It was such an amazing feeling. Even right now, as I type this, I feel great.

I’m Megan and I am a Boots No7 addict. Have you tried any Boots No7 products? Let me know your favorites!

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