Fab Find: Sticky Stacks S’mores Syrup

Sticky Stacks S'Mores Syrup

I used to spend a ton of time talking about sample sale sites, though that passion has waned a bit over the past year. The Verge has a great post about the bleak sample sale landscape, that explains why the sales just aren’t as great as they have been in the past. One of the best things I’ve taken away from the sample sale heyday is the site Fab.com. It is currently my daily shopping go-to. While you won’t find great discounts on Fab.com, you will find great products.

Since I feel like I spend an hour or so on Fab.com each day, I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorite finds from the site with all of you. I think what really draws me to Fab.com is that they feature such a wide assortment of products, and really seem to make a commitment to featuring businesses both large and small.

First up, right now you’ll find Sticky Stacks S’mores Syrup for sale. This all natural, gluten free syrup can be used on pancakes or ice cream. Or whatever your imagination comes up with. S’Mores Syrup is one of those things I feel like I never knew I was missing until now.

Fab.com is offering three bottles of Sticky Stacks S’Mores Syrup for $14.25, which breaks down to $4.75 per bottle.

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