Beauty Reviewed: Maybelline Fit Concealer

I’m always in the market for a fab concealer. I mean, who isn’t right?! And I’m grateful because, thanks to Maybelline Fit Concealer, I’ve found the perfect one.

I don’t normally wear foundation. It tends to get too flakey and heavy, so I steer clear. Instead, I’ve been relying on powder or BB cream a lot. As much as I’m a fan of BB cream, sometimes I’m just downright lazy and just want to throw some powder on my face and go. But, like many females, I need a few areas touched up. Hence how Maybelline Fit Concealer plays a role.

Flawless that lets the real you come through. It’s makeup that doesn’t mess with you. No oils. No waxes. No nonsense. Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be: fresh, breathing, flawless.

  • Natural coverage that leaves skin fresh, breathing, and natural
  • Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments
  • Fragrance free

It’s very lightweight, so even wearing it underneath powder I don’t feel like I’ve got layers of make-up on. That in itself is a huge selling point for me. Also, since I do have dry skin, I get nervous about products either looking caked on my skin or just drying me out in general. I haven’t had any issues! LOVE!

I use it on the occasional blemish or two and areas of redness. I will tell you, a little goes a long way. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and still have quite a bit left. However, it’s only $6, so it’s not like I’ll be breaking the bank if I have to buy more.

Maybelline Fit Concealer is available in six colors. They are:

Cafe, Deep, Fair, Light, Medium, Sand.

I have been using Sand, which is the color highlighted. It’s the perfect blend of fair and light and matches my skin tone perfectly.

The best part? Since it’s Maybelline, it can be found at pretty much any drugstore for uber cheap! YAY!

Just a side note, make sure you screw the cap on tightly, as it will leak. Just an FYI.

What’s your go-to concealer? Do you buy a drugstore brand?

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