JCPenney is Not the Store I Remember – And That’s a Good Thing!

When I was a kid we only shopped at two stores: JCPenney and Montgomery Ward. Thus, in an effort to cultivate my personal sense of individuality or maybe to rebel, when I was old enough to shop for myself I steered clear of these two stores. I can honestly say that I haven’t shopped at either store in probably 15 years, but over the past couple of weeks I find myself checking out the JCPenney website more and more.

The more I look around the JCPenney website the more impressed I am. They’ve got tons of great items and the prices are really spectacular. Plus, they’ve been more quiet about it than Target is, but JCPenney even has lots of fab designer collaborations!

And, since you know how much I like my coupons, through tomorrow, May 9, 2013, you can get 15% off almost everything at JCPenney with code “GOAHEAD”. (Remember when the store relaunched last year and they said they weren’t going to offer coupons? Yeah, they scratched that.)

Here’s just a few of the fab items I’ve spotted on the website during my recent browsing sessions:

Kara Ross 18K Gold-Plated Blue Crystal Bangle

Please don’t be turned off by the fact that I am including the priciest item first! This is an outlier, I swear. I am obsessed with this gorgeous Kara Ross Blue Crystal Bangle , and wanted to share. Originally $120, it’s now on sale for $96. The price drops to $81.60 after the 15% coupon is applied.

Pearl Georgina Chapman of Marchesa Taffeta Bow Dress

Speaking of designer collaborations, I think JCPenney got one of the biggest ones with Marchesa. OK, to be fair I suppose Target did carry a few Marchesa items for girls during their unsuccessful Nieman Marcus holiday promotion. Still. I think Marchesa is a pretty big coup for JCPenney! This Pearl Georgina Chapman of Marchesa Taffeta Bow Dress has the cutest details, such as the low cut back that ends in a big bow! Originally $70, this dress is now on sale for $51.99. After the 15% discount the price drops to $44.19.

Let’s just stop for a second. I know that if I were to just see these two items without any context my first thought wouldn’t be JCPenney. These items are luxurious looking, and definitely not what I remember from the JCPenney of my childhood.

Yellow Peplum Shirt

Looking to add some peplum to your wardrobe? This yellow peplum shirt is on sale for just $17, or  $14.45 after the discount.

Black and White Stripe Shirtdress with Flowers

A black and white shirtdress that also has a floral pattern worked in? Sign me up for this dress. I love it! Originally $45, this dress is now on sale for $32.99. After the 15% discount the price drops to $28.04!

So what do you think? Have you been shopping at JCPenney all along and hiding this gem from me? This store is so different from what I remember as a kid and I love it! JCPenney is definitely going to become a part of our regular rotation around here, and I’m going to try to make my way out to a store one of these days to scope things out in person. What I’m seeing online has me super excited and I know I’m going to be making my first purchase (as an adult) sooner than later!

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  1. Wow, the bow dress is simply gorgeous! I had to go to JC Penny’s site to clearly see the bow at the end though, but it’s really pretty. Didn’t know they have so many designer collaborations though. I’d certainly be checking out their online store more often

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