Date Night: Groupon Has $6 Fandango Movie Tickets

Fandango discount: Movie tickets for $6

Sometimes I feel like I have been blogging for a lifetime. I suppose one could call it “institutional memory” of things that aren’t all that important. I can tell you when some online stores opened and when some closed. Or the cheapest price I’ve ever seen for US Weekly. (That would be last year when it was FREE.) I also remember the days when it seemed like a new movie ticket discount was being offered every single day.

The movie ticket deals are not nearly as abundant these days, but thanks to Groupon there’s finally another cheap ticket offer available!

With this latest offer you can pick up one Fandango movie ticket for $6, which will have a $12 value. If you want to use your Fandango ticket at a showing that costs more than $12 you will be required to pay the difference. The ticket will be valid at any movie theatre that accepts Fandango movie tickets.

The only bummer with this offer is that each person can only purchase ONE ticket, so you might want to share this offer with all of your loved ones so that each of you can get a ticket and enjoy a cheap(er) night out.

You will have until November 30, 2013 to use your cheap Fandango ticket.


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