Lingerie and Shoe Bags on Sale at GroopDealz

lingerie and shoe bags from GroopDealz


During Travel Week I posted about the various packing accessories I use when I travel, including shoe bags, wet bathing suit bags, and packing cubes. I like everything to be nicely separated in my suitcase, both so I know where to find what I need and to prevent disasters like my shoes rubbing up against my underwear. (Yuck.)

Typically, like most things travel-related, packing accessories can get pretty pricey. In the last post I wrote I only found one bag that cost less than $10! Today, however, GroopDealz has Lingerie Bags and Shoe Bags on sale, and each bag costs just $7.50. The design is embroidered onto the bag.

Typically these bags sell for $15 each, so getting them for $7.50 is a steal. Shipping adds $3 for your first bag, and $1 for each additional item.

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