Wedding Wednesday: Saving a Seat for Guests via Skype

Wedding Wednesday

Thankfully my husband made it home from Afghanistan three months before our wedding. However, I did feel bad that some friends that he had hoped could attend that couldn’t due to various deployments. As I still follow wedding blogs, I was so in love with what the Offbeat Bride shared that I had to show you guys! I wish Pinterest was around when I was planning my wedding, as I totally would have incorporated the idea of saving a seat via Skype into my own wedding for the guys that couldn’t make it!

Saving a seat a a wedding

{Image via Offbeat Bride}

LOVE LOVE LOVE! And, for more of the awesome wedding featured above, be sure to check out the whole album! We’re smitten!

This got me thinking- this is a fabulous idea for military families and couples where family members are out state/town/country. Or even the elderly! The possibilities are endless.

Would you consider saving a seat at your wedding for a guest that couldn’t make it?

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