Beauty Box 5 Unboxing & Review (January 2013)

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It has been a long while since I’ve reviewed a subscription box, but no worries – I’m just as obsessed as ever! I just had to take a reviews to get through the holiday shopping season. Then, once that was over, I spent the first two and a half weeks of January sick. Loverly! I’m happy to be back though, and my intention is to review as many boxes as possible. This means I’m going to cancel some of my old subscriptions to make way for new boxes. (Unless I find a money tree to fund the purchase of my subscription boxes, but I fear that’s not likely!) I’m excited to start reviewing as many boxes as possible, but first we have the January Beauty Box 5 shipment to check out.

You can see the video above for my reactions as I opened the box (I wasn’t thrilled), or check it out here:

Beauty Box 5 January 2013 box

Contents of my January Beauty Box 5 Shipment:

  • Ferro Cosmetics Desert Rose Blush (that’s the little plastic bag) – I think I received this before, possibly in a previous Beauty Box 5 shipment.
  • Pencil Me In Amethyst Eye Pencil – this is a full size product that retails for $6.99
  • Model Co Pomegranate Colourbox Lip Pencil (oops – in the video I say this is an eye pencil and I was really confused about what I’d do with a pink eye pencil!) – this is a full size product that retails for $18
  • Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick – this is a full size product that retails for $7
  • Natural False Eyelashes, which the description sheet says is a “Surprise 2012 Favorite.” Interesting, because I threw these false eyelashes in the trash immediately. They’re incredibly cheap.


While I’ve enjoyed Beauty Box 5 on occasion, stopping my subscription to this box was a no-brainer. I’d say I felt like the box was a good deal less than 50% of the time. Yes, I received three full-size products in this box, but I don’t really need hot pink lip liner or purple eye liner. In fact, there’s nothing really in this box that I want.

A monthly subscription to Beauty Box 5 costs $12, and for that you will receive 5 deluxe beauty samples.

I guess my subscription boxes in 2013 aren’t off to a hot start, although I do have a fab – new! – box to share with you all tomorrow!

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