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Birchbox Review – August 2013

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Birchbox - August 2013

As much as I love them, I am glad I am not in charge of a subscription box company. It seems like a lot of pressure to try to keep your subscribers happy each month. Birchbox has historically been one of my favorite monthly beauty boxes, but most of this year I’ve just been pretty “eh” about them. The Women’s Health Birchbox was a huge highlight for them, but other than that one box I haven’t been really thrilled with the service.

Like I said, I imagine it must be tough running a company such as this. They always need to have new products and after nearly two years how many new beauty products are out there that haven’t already been covered by Birchbox or some other box? When I first started receiving Birchbox I felt inspired by the box each month, but lately all of their collaborations just leave me feeling meh and confused. This month’s box was a collaboration with Ann Taylor.

Here’s what I received:

Ann Taylor coupon via Birchbox


An Ann Taylor coupon and style guide.


Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow


Benefit Cosmetics Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow – This is a nice sample and I think it will actually match my skin tone! I haven’t tried any skin products like this from Benefit, so I’m excited to give it a whirl. Also, it’s a really generous sample size!

Arcona Cranberry Gommage


Arcona Cranberry Gommage – I’m also looking forward to trying this exfoliating scrub. I haven’t tried any Arcona products before.

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow – The packaging is a little weird, but this is actually multiple uses of a smoky eye eyeshadow palette. I’m not head over heels for this product, but I am thankful to Birchbox for introducing me to a new cosmetics company. Coastal Scents appears to be giving e.l.f. a run for its money, at least in terms of pricing. The card Birchbox sends with each box says this full size product would retail for $34-$39, but there’s just no way that’s possible when individual eye shadow colors sell for just $1.95 each.

Miss Jessie's Original

Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment & Super Sweetback Treatment – I LOVE Miss Jessie’s. I discovered the brand through Birchbox, and for that I will be forever grateful. That said, this is now the fourth time I have received a Miss Jessie’s sample from Birchbox and I believe this is the third time I’m mentioning that Miss Jessie’s will ship you free samples just for asking. Thus, I’m not impressed when Birchbox sends me a free sample I could procure myself.

Ahmad Tea London

Ahmad Tea London – Is this the final sign that Birchbox is running out of samples? I enjoy tea, but I don’t subscribe to Birchbox for tea samples.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer review, it’s just that I expect more from Birchbox than they’re giving us… but then again, maybe I’m expecting too much? A year ago my Birchbox was awesome. My August 2012 Birchbox included a full-size Pixi product, a travel-sized Miss Jessie’s sample, and a razor, among other items. That one box kind of puts nearly every box from 2013 to shame.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box. A subscription costs $10 per month and you will usually receive 4-5 deluxe beauty samples.

What do you think about Birchbox these days? Have you enjoyed your boxes more than I’ve been enjoying mine?

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  1. I like that you speak honestly about your subscription boxes. Its nice to hear real opinions as we all know that every box isn’t amazing!

  2. The one thing that’s been annoying me about birchbox for the last year is that every single lipstick/gloss/stain sample I’ve gotten has been candy apple red. I think I have like 7 or 8 super red lipsticks now. Ugh. Too bold of a look for every day!

    1. I don’t think Birchbox is worth $10 anymore considering that they are sending foil packets all the time and Ipsy charges the same and sends nice deluxe sized and full size products.

  3. What an interesting box. Mine was a different them as you know. They don’t typically do different themes like this so perhaps it was Ann Taylor’s doing? I love Arcona cranberry toner so hopefully that scrub is just as great. I like that your box had more makeup products. Something I want more of. But for $10 it’s okay for me to wait out a couple months for a good box. This was definitely not as great as other collaborations in the past.

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