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Club W: A Subscription for Wine Lovers or Those Curious About Wine

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Club W

My husband and I are by no means wine connoisseurs, though we do enjoy wine. We have gone to Napa, Tuscany and the vineyards spread throughout western Michigan and always had a great time – and left with more than a few bottles of wine. Despite our enjoyment and recognizing if we liked a particular wine, that’s where our knowledge ended.

Back when I was pregnant we went out to dinner with a coworker of my husband. Said coworker was telling us that when he and his wife were expecting their first child they moved to the far northern suburbs and had to find new ways to entertain themselves since the city was no longer at their doorstep. Instead of going out to dinner or whatever else one might do in the city with a young baby, he and his wife started a Friday tradition of purchasing a new bottle of wine and learning everything they could about the wine itself, the vineyard, the grapes, etc. My husband and I thought this was a wonderful idea since we wanted to learn more about wine but hadn’t taken the time to educate ourselves, and put this on the post baby to-do list.

Earlier this year Cheryl wrote a Club W review, which immediately prompted me to subscribe. We’d just had the baby and having wine hand-picked for me based on my preferences and then having it delivered straight to our door seemed like an ideal situation. We have been Club W subscribers for four months now and are in love with the service!

Club W costs $39 per month + $6 shipping. $39 covers the cost of three bottles of wine, so the cost breaks down to $13 per bottle. The reason the wine offered by Club W is so affordable is not because it is “cheap” wine (this is no two buck chuck!), but instead because they eliminate the middle men (importers, wholesalers, retailers, etc.) and go straight to the vineyard to source bottles to sell through Club W. Thus, we get to enjoy the savings!

When you register for the site you fill out a brief flavor profile and then Club W makes recommendations to you based on your taste preferences. Each month you can choose to receive the wines they recommend or you can choose any of the other available options. Since my husband isn’t as into fruity wine as I am, I usually go with two of their recommendations and then choose a third hearty red specifically for him.

Club W Info Cards

While having affordably-priced wine delivered to our door is a no brainer, the *big* reason we love Club W is because each month they send along cards providing details about the wine. Each card shares a little bit of background about the wine, flavor notes, and how to best enjoy it. I absolutely love receiving this wine cheat sheet each month! There’s just the right amount of information so it’s not overwhelming to digest.

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On the back of each card is a recipe that can be made to compliment the wine. The recipes range from easy to gourmet and are a great addition. We have made a couple of the recipes and the food always tastes delicious with the wine.

My husband and I don’t go out nearly as often as we once did now that our son is here, but Club W provides an awesome opportunity for us to unwind at the end of each week with a new bottle of wine that we can discuss and learn something about. We’ve made opening a new bottle our at-home date night ritual.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Wine

My favorite bottle of wine thus far has been Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, which I enjoyed with a friend this past weekend. I’ll be honest: I chose this bottle SOLELY because I liked the label. I didn’t give any thought to the flavor profile, so this light white wine was a surprise! I love lemon-flavored items and this wine doesn’t just have “notes” of lemon… it tastes deliciously lemony. It’s the perfect summer wine and one of only a handful of wines that I have encountered that I see myself rebuying. That’s the beauty of a site like Club W. I LOVE being introduced to new products like this that I never would have experienced otherwise.

If there’s a wine you find that you love, Club W does offer the option of purchasing more of that wine. You can buy a bottle, a half case, or a full case of 12. And yes… there’s an additional discount for bulk orders!

Winter is coming… And if you’ll find yourself indoors more often, a subscription to Club W might be ideal. It’s also ideal if you love wine and want to try new bottles or just if you’re curious about wine because they do a great job of helping you learn about the bottles you receive. This is one subscription box that my husband and I love and enjoy together.

Click here to check out Club W — and you’ll get $13 off your first box. That’s a FREE bottle of wine!

Do Tell: Have you tried out Club W, or any other wine clubs? 

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