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Looking to make some money online? In addition to Swagbucks, one site I’ve joined to make a few extra bucks is Crowdtap.  With Crowdtap, you share your opinions and in exchange, earn points and rewards.

To get started with Crowdtap, you need to log in through Facebook Connect to verify that you are a real person.  Once logged in, you can answer different questions called “Quick Hits.”  These are usually multiple choice or short open ended questions like favorite drinks, how often you go to the movies, etc.  For some of these questions, you get paid anywhere from 5 – 25 cents.  You can also earn money by joining different discussions, called “Actions”.  Recent discussions include movies and laundry habits.  If you contribute to the discussion and the moderators think you have the best response to a question, you can earn up to $10.

I’ve played around with Crowdtap for the past few month and earned about $28.00.  Once you earn over $10, you are able to cash out.  When you cash out, 95% of your earnings go to an Amazon card (which says takes three days to process, but I got my gift card code in about 10 minutes) and the other 5% goes to a charity.  You are provided with four charities to choose from and I decided to donate to charity:water.

I originally cashed out when I hit $12.40, and I know an $11.78 gift card doesn’t seem like I’m rolling in money, but it didn’t take me too long to earn this money – maybe about 30 minutes to date.  Most of the time too, I just answer the quick hits.  So if you have some time at work, I suggest checking it out and signing up.  You’ll be emailed too whenever new questions are available, so you don’t have to continuously log in to see if you have an opportunity to earn money. I think Crowdtap is a pretty cool site and I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds over the next few months.

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  1. Really? I’ve spent over 10 hours on the site, and still haven’t earned enough to cash out (I’m at $5, I think). How are you getting such good results?

  2. Maybe the questions they send out are different? I only usually do the quick hits and do them immediately after the email is sent out. Haven’t spent that much time on it to be honest.

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