Etsy Monday: Aesthetic Journeys

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Although it’s been almost three years since I got married, I can’t help but still browse Etsy for all things personalized. Plus, I don’t think you need to be a newlywed to appreciate monograms! So of course I’m over the moon to introduce Aesthetic Journeys as today’s featured Etsy shop!

love wrapped letters

How dreamy are these rustic wrapped letters? If “love” isn’t your thing, no need to worry- there are other words available and individual letters as well. LOVE. 🙂 I had to, sorry.

Hand-wrapped letters (uppercase or lowercase!) that add rustic charm to any room. They are the perfect gift for baby showers, weddings and birthdays and can be personalized to your liking with various colored yarn, twine and/or fabric flower embellishment.

What really caught my eye were the wine cork letters!

wine cork letters

I had big aspirations of making something out of wine corks for our wedding. Two things though stood in my way. One, I had to consume A LOT of wine. And two, I didn’t have a plan in mind. Had I seen these letters prior I may have attempted it! That or I probably would have drank all the wine and ordered this.

To order, it’s a simple as purchasing the listing and specifying the letter. That’s it! I think it would make a fabulous gift for any wine lovers!

And how fantastic are these thank you cards?

personalized thank you cards

This is a great way to send out a thank you from both of you!

These cards are completely customizable. Pick your colors, font, and let me know what name to put on the front and what initials for the back (in the order you’d like to see them). Use the last photo to pick your colors, or message me if you’re trying to match a certain color!

I’m completely smitten.

The shop’s owner, Jamie, was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. How much wine needs to be consumed to create a wine cork letter?

It varies per letter, but it takes about 60 corks to make one letter (give or take a few).

2. Do you take custom orders?

Yes, I LOVE custom orders, they are my favorite part of Etsy.

3. What was the first item you ever made for your Etsy shop?

I started making things last year when I was getting married. I discovered Etsy at that time and bought many of my wedding items here. I’ve always crafted and made the wine letters for the bar at my wedding and they were probably the first item that I listed. I also made a lot of things for my sister’s bachelorette party and my first sale was actually cupcake toppers that I had originally made for her party.

4. What is your favorite thing to make- letters, invites, etc.?

This is really hard. I love graphic design and I’m actually working toward my Masters degree in that now. I love to use Illustrator to create invitations/designs/etc for all types of events. My favorite thing to make that is off the computer right now is anything chalkboard and anything with corks or mason jar designs.

Thanks, Jamie!


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