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Lately I’ve become obsessed with pottery. I think there is something amazing about it, such as the fact that it’s handmade and that each piece is unique. So of course when I found Blue Sky Pottery CO I had to feature it!

What I love about Blue Sky Pottery CO is this! “All the ceramics here are handmade by me in my Colorado studio – either wheel thrown or hand built from slabs and coils. All items except Made to Order ones generally ship same day or next business day via FedEx or Priority Mail. I make my own glazes and electric fire my dinnerware, vases, bakeware, etc to Cone 6, making it very durable for everyday use, including in the oven, dishwasher and microwave.” So you can get pottery that is both functional and one of a kind? Sign me up!

My husband and I love to eat noodles and I always make the comment that we should use chopsticks. This bowl needs to find a way into our home, stat!

noodle bowl blue sky pottery


These two handmade aquamarine blue pottery noodle bowls or stoneware rice bowls feature two holes and a resting divot to hold your chopsticks. I created them on my pottery wheel out of porcelain clay, cutting in the two chopstick holes and the semi-circular resting area across from the holes while the clay was soft.

They are glazed in a beautiful glossy robin’s egg blue that complements any food you want to serve in these two ceramic bowls. Each will hold 3.5 cups of rice (or cereal, soup, ice cream, veggies, berries, etc.) and are 3″ high x 6″ across. The chopsticks are included.

I signed each porcelain bowl on the bottom rim. Microwave and dishwasher safe. The listing is for both bowls shown here along with two sets of chopsticks.

We enjoy wine in my house. Often, I’ll pull a bottle out of the fridge and leave it on the table while we eat dinner. Having a wine chiller would be a fabulous idea!

wine chiller blue sky pottery

Or, if wine isn’t your thing, this could also function as a utensil holder!

keeping wine chilled
holding all your kitchen utensils
holding a small plant
as an ice bucket
food or water dish for your pet
You name it.


I’ve never wanted a salt pig so badly as I do now!

blue sky pottery

This handmade periwinkle salt holder or french salt pig is designed to be filled with kosher salt or any favorite herb or spice and left on the counter top where you do your cooking. Reach in with your fingers or use the little spoon that I made to go with this salt cellar whenever you need to season your dish. (Works great as a sugar bowl, too.)

I’m also in love with the periwinkle color, so this is a MUST.

Also, for some reason I featured all blue items. I must be in a blue kick. There are more colors to choose from, just an FYI.

The shop’s owner, Deb, was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. How long have you been creating pottery?

I’ve been creating pottery since 2001 when I moved from Michigan to Colorado and needed to find something fun to do after 17 years of running a marketing research firm in Ann Arbor.

2. What is your favorite thing to create (bowls, cups, etc.)

I love to create pieces that offer me a canvas for further decoration on my pots. For example, many of my pieces are done in a woodland forest design whereby I carve into the clay while it is soft and create a forest of aspen trees, flowers, birds and such and then use a variety of pottery stains and glazes for the colors.

3. What advice would you give to anyone interested in creating pottery?

To anyone thinking about taking up pottery, I say go for it. Get your hands muddy and have fun. It’s three-dimensional art where your creativity can come into play in the shapes and forms, in the decoration, in the glazing and colors, in the atmospheric kiln firings, etc. etc.

4. Wat is your favorite creation?

My favorite creation is the environment that God made which provides so much inspiration for art and for living. I live in the high mountains of Colorado and spend a lot of time in the woods here. And we also just purchased a place in the desert of Utah where I enjoy the beautiful light, gorgeous red rocks, and wonderfully interesting native cacti and desert plants.

Thanks, Deb!

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