Etsy Monday + Giveaway: Jennimo

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My husband and I have a running joke that we can’t be on time for anything. Seriously. I will plan for us to leave the house an hour before we are supposed to and somehow we still manage to be late. Ugh. So it’s only fitting that I should stumble upon today’s featured Etsy shop, Jennimo. Jennimo is run by Jennifer, and she creates adorable clocks that would be a great addition in my household!

Whatever I'm late anyway clock

How great is this clock?! It is 24X24 and the neutral color would match any decor. LOVE.

This is a 24×24 sized canvas painted antique white with black vinyl lettering. Clock takes one AA battery (not included).


Ok, maybe you don’t need something that big telling you how late you are. 🙂 No worries, Jennifer makes smaller clocks too!

Whatever , I'm late anyway clock (navy w/ turquoise)

This 12×12 canvas is painted navy, with turquoise hands. And for $38 it’s a handmade clock that won’t break the bank. Adorable.

Maybe you know a certain retired person that always is late and that’s always their excuse. If so, this clock sounds perfect for them!

Whatever I'm retired clock

The choices are endless!

Jennifer was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. What made you start making clocks?

I originally made this clock for a friend of mine who is ALWAYS late! The company I worked for ended up going out of business. I decided that I would finish my getting my college degree and signed myself up for the police academy. When I found myself short on money to complete all my goals someone said “sell those clocks”. I thought at first that it was a stupid idea, but with nothing to lose and being desperate to finish my degree. Long story short…I was able to finish my degree, and get my state certification as a law enforcement officer.

2. Which is your favorite clock?

My favorite clock changes with the day. There is always someone asking me to do a color or a style that I have not done before. Those are always my favorite!

3. What is your favorite color combination?

Although it does not match the colors in my home, I really love the grey clock, white font and red hands. The red makes it pop!

Now, on to the giveaway! Jennifer is giving away a clock! YAY!

Just let us know your favorite clock in the comments below! For an extra entry (or two!), post this giveaway to Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to tag Fantabulously Frugal and Jennimo come back her and let us know you did!

The giveaway will stay open until Monday, February 25. A winner will be announced February 26.

Thanks, Jennifer!

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21 thoughts on “Etsy Monday + Giveaway: Jennimo

  1. I like the grey clock with white accents. This would actually be for my sister in law. Because being late is a running joke between me and her.

    1. I like the colors of the blue one! Being a new mom being late is the norm! The message on the clocks is my new moto!

  2. I LOVELOVELOVE the” Whatever: I’m retired” clock. My husband retired after almost forty years on the job and , although that means a drastic cut in our available fun money, this clock should be hanging in our bedroom… 😉 Thanks for giving one away!

  3. I would like the “for adults only” clock, saddly my nature at times. Option two is the stunning black with hot pink lettering.

  4. Love all of them but my favorite is the turquoise with the black hands and white letters/numbers. This would be perfect birthday gift for my friend. She is always late. She was an hour late to her own wedding!

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