Etsy Monday: Green Couch Design

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Sometimes I find an Etsy shop that makes me stop in my tracks. I then check my bank account to see if I can afford every item in the shop. Nine times out of ten I cannot. Sigh. Today’s featured shop, Green Couch Design, did just that.

The shop’s owners  are a husband and wife team (Cale and Meg) from Oklahoma. While sprawled out on a green couch drinking tea, the idea for their shop was born. Hence the name, Green Couch Design.

Some of my favorite items are:

Green Couch Designs

Peace, Love, and Cookie Dough

This mixer cover was the first piece that caught my attention. I am a peace lover and cookie dough fanatic. This is a must for my kitchen. It is approximately 16″ wide, 3″ deep and 14″ tall and fits basic stand mixers. I love you KitchenAid, but I’m going to cover you. 🙂

Green Couch Designs
Modern Bolo Necklace

This fabulous necklace screams my name. It is adjustable so you can wear it long and loose one day and short and tight the next. I am all about versatility people. Plus, I think the copper and concrete is super cool. Love.

Green Couch Designs

Pink Cracked Egg Hand Stamped Towels

I simply love this tea towel! It comes in pink, orange, and yellow. I would like one of each please! This towel is handstamped and machine washable. Perfect for those who tend to make a mess in the kitchen like yours truly.

I hope you love Green Couch Design as much as I do! Enjoy!

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  1. Megan, thank you for featuring our shop! I totally agree with you on your feelings toward your KitchenAid. I had a friend who used an old mixer cover made by her grandmother and I wanted one so badly that I decided to just create my own modern design. It’s been fun meeting other bakers who feel the same way! 😉

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