Etsy Monday: Miso Handmade

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Since my husband and I don’t have any kids, our cats are our children. Our kitten, the baby, has entirely too many toys, but that doesn’t stop me from scouring Etsy for more! That’s how I discovered today’s featured Etsy shop, Miso Handmade.

The shop’s owner, Trish, “creates unique toys with a sense of humor and local consciousness.” In addition, she “tries to purchase from local businesses and choose to use compostable and recyclable packaging. We are so proud to have most of our materials made here in the USA and hope you will notice the quality of the materials used to make our toys.” LOVE.

Speaking of sense of humor, how awesome are these catnip moustaches?

Catnip Moustache

For real, what could be funnier than a kitten with a moustache?! WANT!

My  husband and I laugh at our kitten a lot because he makes what we call his monster face prior to and during a toy attack. Since he’s a little monster, he totally needs a zombie.

Zombie Attack

And I know that cats can’t have chocolate, but they can have catnip chocolate covered strawberries, right?!

Catnip Strawberries

This set consists of 3 super cute handmade chocolate and white chocolate dipped catnip filled strawberry toys packaged for gift giving in a clear handled box.

Each is sewn of fleece with hand embroidered “seeds” and a embroidery floss “stem.” They are “large strawberry” sized at approx 2″x 2″.

My cats are meowing at me as I type this. I think they want one of everything.

Trish was kind enough to answer some questions and provide you all with a “special gift of 3 oz. of our catnip pellets with each order. At checkout, note Fantabulously Frugal in message to seller to get the special gift.” LOVE! Thanks, Trish!

1. Are you a cat or a dog person?

I am actually allergic to cats so we have dogs as pets.

2. I see the cats used in the photographs, how do you keep them away from destroying all of your creations?

The supermodel cats are all cats that belong to friends, I have to bring lots of toys and shoot lots of photos to get good ones because the models tend to get crazy playing and I get loads of blurry fuzzball shots…thank goodness for digital cameras!

3. What do think is more powerful- cat nip or the cat nip pellets?

I think the catnip pellets are more powerful than the leaf catnip because it is compressed and so it has MORE catnip in it and it also doesn’t dry up.

4. What is your bestseller?

My bestseller on Etsy and also at craft fairs is a close tie between the set of 3 Strawberries and the Creepy Zombie.

Don’t forget to tell Trish your a FF reader for a free gift!

Thanks, Trish!



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