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My Favorite Beauty Products: Items I Return To Time And Again

My Favorite Beauty Products: Items I Return to Time and Again

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Beauty products I use over and over again |

I have the privilege of trying out so many new beauty and skincare products, as do many bloggers, and one thing I’m always cognizant of is trying to convey when I actually like a product enough to add it to my regular rotation. There are lots of great beauty products out there but it is impossible for all of them to make the cut, so I thought today I’d share my absolute favorite beauty products. Many of these products will be familiar because I have reviewed them here previously but there are a couple I’ve never mentioned before.

If you are looking for beauty recommendations – perhaps you plan on revamping your own beauty routine in the coming year or are just looking for something new to try – keep reading for my list of favorite beauty products I return to time and again.

First things first is the Toilet Tree LED 7X Magnified Makeup Mirror with Cosmetic Organizer Base ($29.95 at Amazon). This mirror is absolutely amazing! I need a magnified mirror because I pluck my eyebrows and I love that this one not only provides fantastic magnification but is also lighted (via battery, which means it can be easily transported if necessary). Since I switched to using this mirror I can store nearly all of my must-have beauty products within reach. If you’re in the market for a new makeup mirror, I highly recommend this one!

Favorite Face Products

Favorite Beauty Products: Skincare products

pür Correcting Primer ($31) // pür Cameo Contour ($39.50) // Too Faced Born This Way Foundation ($39) // Tarte CC Undereye Corrector ($24)

I don’t put on a full face of makeup every day, but when I do these are the products I turn to. Well, for the most part. I always use a primer on my face whenever I’m putting on foundation, but I’m not loyal to any one brand and usually use whichever sample I have recently received in one of the many beauty subscription boxes I receive. I’m currently using pür and it works great to help even out skin imperfections before applying Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (check out my review). This foundation is lightweight and looks natural but provides great coverage. I always despised foundation until I found this product!

pür Cameo Contour (check out my review) is newer to my collection, but I love using this product to help provide a hint of definition to my very round face. Finally, Tarte CC Undereye Corrector (check out my review) was a lifesaver when I was pregnant and sleeping horribly and it continues to work wonders now that there are many nights when I don’t sleep as much as I should.

Favorite Blush

Favorite Beauty Products: Blush and bronzer |

So Susan Universal Blush ($27.95) // theBalm Hot Mama ($18)

So Susan Universal Blush is a product I have been meaning to write about forever because I think this is the perfect blush! I received it in a Glossybox last year and it has become my go-to blush. The formula is (magically) designed to interact with your body chemistry to create the perfect color for you and I have to say that this absolutely works for me. I don’t like a ton of blush but this product creates the perfect slightly rosy cheek effect. When I want a sun-kissed glow I choose Hot Mama from theBalm. This pinky-peach color is a blush and highlighter in one and I use it for both purposes. I think the color is very summery though, so I usually only pull this one out in warmer months.


Favorite Lip Products

Favorite Lip Products

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick ($20) // Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon ($17)

Despite the fact that you are advised to throw cosmetics away after so long, I have had this MAC lipstick for years and it is one of the only colors I pull out time and again. I’m not much of a lip color gal so I only wear it a few times a year but every time I do I get comments about how great it looks. The color is a bluish plum that has just a hint of sparkle to it. A few friends of mine have tried this color and it seems to work for all of us, though the color looks a little different depending on the person. (Check out this Instagram photo to see how the color looks on me.) For a more everyday look I love my Mega Melon chubby stick. Despite the name, which makes it seem like this could be a hot pink color, Mega Melon is definitely a neutral. It adds just a hint of color, which is usually all that I am looking for if I want to go above and beyond my traditional Carmex.


Favorite Eye Shadow

Favorite Beauty Products: Eye Shadow

Elizabeth Mott pop! goes the shadow in Champagne ($13) // pür Eye Polish ($26) // NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color in Gilt ($24) // Pacifica Power of Love Coconut Infused Mineral Eye Shadow Palette ($19.99)

I buy and receive a lot of eyeshadow, but these are my absolute favorite eye shadows. It should be noted though that I usually go for more of a nude eyeshadow and make up for it with heavy(ish) eyeliner and mascara so none of these items are particularly bold. I received pop! goes the shadow in an Ipsy bag eons ago and it might just be my favorite eyeshadow ever. It is the perfect champagne color, at least for me and my purposes. pür Eye Polish is on my list of products to review because it works as a base and a top coat. I use the color I purchased, caviar, as a glittery eyeliner alternative. I have been using the Pacifica palette (check out my review) constantly since receiving it. The colors are so vibrant and last all day. This palette is an absolute keeper! Finally, I like using the NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color I received as a highlighter on the inside of my eye. It’s a light shimmery gold color that accents most other colors perfectly.


Favorite Eyeliner

Favorite Beauty Products: Eyeliner

Tyra Oops Liner ($24) // Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Penny Lane ($20) // Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in Black ($20) // pür Mineral Eye Defining Pencil with Smudger ($7) // MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Buried Treasure ($16.50)

I’ve been using the Tyra Oops Liner (which I included in our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide) to try and teach myself to be more creative with eyeliner, especially liquid liners. I love eyeliner but liquids and pens are normally too much for me to handle. What’s great about the Tyra Oops Liner is that one end is a makeup “eraser” so that you can easily make your lines look just how you want with a little erasing magic. While the Smashbox Always Sharp pencils may not last as long as traditional pencils because you’re always sharpening off some of the good product, I love the sharp point that is created with one quick twist of the cap. I’m usually all about the black eyeliner, but for more casual occasions I stick with brown.

I recently picked up the pür eyeliner in charcoal gray for another alternative to black and I love that it has a smudger on the end. I prefer to smudge the eyeliner under my eye a bit and this makes it super easy. Finally, I picked up this MAC Eyeliner a few years ago and while I have used the green-ish color on days that I don’t want a strong eye, I also use it as an eyeshadow primer. It looks amazing under purple-hued shadows, which is a trick I learned at the MAC counter. I pull out this liner whenever I’m doing a smokey eye look.


Favorite Mascara

Favorite Beauty Products: Mascara

Truth: I am not loyal to any one mascara because I like trying ALL of them. I usually use whatever new sample I have received and these ones from NARS, Yves Saint Laurent and Urban Decay are the most recent additions to my makeup stash.


Favorite Makeup Products - Brushes

Aside from the Foundation Brush, the smoky eye brush, and the eyelash comb, all of which are from Crown Brush, I received all of these brushes in subscription boxes or picked them up randomly. I’m not really loyal to any brush, but these are the ones that are currently in my rotation. The only “brush” I’ve found that I can’t live without is the metal eyelash definer ($3.79). This helps separates my lashes like nothing else after I apply mascara. I don’t like the thick spider eye look and this brush takes care of that problem in a quick second.


2015-12-13 23.06.09

Crown Compact Brow Blade ($2) // Urban Decay Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener ($10) // Various tweezers

I’m a big fan of plucking my own eyebrows and have been doing it since middle school. I recently picked up the brow blade though and it works like a champ when time is short! When I’ve got more time on my hands I station myself in front of my magnifying mirror with whatever tweezers I have available. I’m not too picky about my tweezers as long as they have a slanted edge. As for the Urban Decay sharpener, I splurged on this when I started getting larger pencils and needed a way to sharpen them. At the time, this was the only large pencil sharpener Sephora carried! Luckily, I think it should last me a lifetime.

While I have tried and will continue to try new beauty products as much as possible, these are my favorite beauty products that I return to time and again. If you’re looking to trying something new in 2016, I highly recommend picking up any of these products.

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