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I don’t talk about it much on here but I spend a lot of time hatching plans to travel to Italy.  If you ask my boyfriend he’ll tell you that I mention visiting Italy at least three times every single day.  {He wouldn’t be exaggerating either.}  Last week I decided that I absolutely must starting taking Italian lessons asap so that I can speak a little bit more of the language the next time I make it over there.  I looked up the Italian Consulate or something here in Chicago because they offer lessons and I requested information on a two-week Italian immersion course in Tuscany.  This weekend though, my boyfriend found this best alternative of them all: FREE online language classes online!

He was reading, which had just posted about the Foreign Service Institute’s language courses being online for free.  The same courses that are used to teach diplomats and whatnot the languages they’ll need to be successful overseas is available free of charge to all of us!  You can get audio lessons, PDF study guides and even tests for free for 41 different languages!  How awesome is that?!

Click here to start learning languages – for free – now!

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