25 Fun Gift Ideas for New Parents

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25 Fun Gift Ideas for New Parents | ShopGirlDaily.com

‘Tis the season for new babies, and I should know seeing how I just had one myself. 😉

OK, babies are obviously born year-round, and if you know someone who is pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant or who recently had a baby, then chances are you will be purchasing a baby gift or two in the very near future. Baby items are BIG business, so I decided to put together a super handy guide running through a few fun gift ideas for new parents, although, let’s be honest: These gifts are more for the baby and less for the parents. If you actually want to get a gift for new parents, might I suggest a cleaning lady? Or a babysitter? Or perhaps a wine subscription? I don’t know if these are things that all new parents would like to receive, but I know I certainly would right about now!

Semantics aside, if baby gifts are what you need, check out the suggestions below!

25 Fun Gift Ideas for New Parents

Adorable Socks

Babies always need socks and this set of Fly-love Animal Non-Skid Slip Socks is too precious for words. Far from simple socks, these cute foot huggers feature cars, letters, critters, and more. I just wish they made some in adult sizes too!


Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame

Every new parent loves the chance to keep lasting memories as their child grows. This Charming Baby Handprint and Footprint Frame Package comes complete with everything you need to capture those adorable baby footprints, handprints, and pictures, too. This is a gift that will be treasured throughout the years!


Mustache Pacifier

Have you ever seen those pictures of babies with silly eyebrows stuck (or drawn) on? That’s what this Mustache Pacifier reminds me of. But this is much nicer, since it comforts the baby while providing giggles for the family. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be washed off after the fun is over. It would make a great addition to any baby shower gift!

Bath Gift Set

While I normally think of gifts as something other than regular products that people buy, this Johnson’s Bath Discovery Baby Gift Set is so nice and handy. It comes with all the basics – lotion, baby bath, powder, and more, all nestled in a caddy. Just having a place to keep all those items contained is a pretty nice idea!


Rock and Play

I feel very strongly that all parents-to-be should consider getting themselves a Fisher-Price Rock and Play. We had one for both of our kids and it’s basically a magical sleep machine. This is a great item to surprise new parents with if they don’t have one on their registry, but if it is on their registry you should totally pick it up and become their favorite people ever!


Nursery Care Kit

Another very handy item for new parents is this Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit. It comes with a ton of grooming and health care items like tweezers, comb, aspirator, thermometer and more. Everything fits nicely in a convenient storage case. This practical gift paired with something cute and fun would be a hit at any baby shower!


Baby Hat Pack

This 6 Pack Baby Hat Pack is just the thing to thrill the new mom of a baby girl. These little flowered hats are so cute and come in a variety of colors. They are perfect for pictures as well as being a great way to make sure everyone realizes that the cute baby they are talking to is a little girl!


Essentials Gift Set

Another wonderful gift for a baby girl is this sweet Big Oshi Baby Essentials 9-Piece Layette Basket Gift Set. The beautiful basket is filled with a bodysuit, bib, brush, comb, blanket, toy, and more. They also make a blue set for little boys that is just as nice!


Little Black Dress Bodysuit

This cute Ganz Baby Embroidered Little Black Dress Bodysuit really made me smile. It is jet black and lacy with a little pink bow and the words “my little Black Dress” written on the front. This unique gift is perfect for infant girls and their moms. After all, don’t they say that every girl needs a little black dress?


Monthly Necktie Stickers

One adorable gift for baby boys and their parents are these sweet Original Stick’NSnap 16 Baby Monthly Necktie Onesie Stickers. Perfect for photos, these stick-on ties give every kiddo bragging rights over milestones such as “I can smile” and “I slept all night”. They’ll also make the little gentleman look downright debonair!


Crib Dribbler Gag Gift

Sometimes, you just want to keep new parents on their toes. This Prank Pack Crib Dribbler Fake Gift Box is a hilarious and entertaining way to package that special gift. I think this would work especially well for handmade items, clothing, or anything that is awkward to wrap. Capturing a picture as the expectant parent reacts to this box would make a fun memory, as well!


Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Granted, this is the most expensive gift on this list, but if you want to buy the new parents something truly useful, you can’t go wrong with a diaper pail. You especially can’t go wrong with the BEST diaper pail. I love my Ubbi Diaper Pail so much (check out my Ubbi Diaper Pail review), primarily because it really minimizes the stink. This is the gift most parents-to-be won’t know that they need.


Burt’s Bees Gift Set

Burts Bees has some of the most wonderful products around. This lovely Burts Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Gift Set gives the new parents a nice collection of products – lotion, shampoo, wash, powder, soap, and baby oil – to use on their new arrival. There isn’t much that is more nurturing to baby skin than Burts Bees!


Boppy Newborn Lounger

Every baby should have a Boppy! This Boppy Newborn Lounger is super cute and handy. It’s a great place for parents to nestle their little bundles of joy as they go about the daily tasks of being a parent. With a handle for portability, and a fabric covering that is easy to wipe clean, this baby boppy is sure to be a hit at any baby shower!


Milestone Age Blocks

I just love the idea of these wonderful Sticky Bellies Milestone Age Blocks. Sleek and stylish in black and white, they are an amazing photo prop to mark the passage of time in the life of a growing baby. These block are a fun tool to put in the hands of every parent who loves taking pictures of their baby!


Travel Changing Station Kit

Every new parent will thank you for getting them this wonderful Portable Travel Changing Station Kit. Having to change a baby’s diaper when away from home can be a bit of a problem at times, but this portable changing station makes it a lot more simple. With compartments to carry cleaning aids and diapers, plus a nice place for baby to lay, they’ll never leave home without it!


Car Organizer

Any new parent you know who drives will appreciate this helpful Cozy Greens Backseat Car Organizer. This thing is amazing, conveniently holding every toy, book, and bottle parents and their babies could want. Life as a parent can be chaotic enough, so having a little help keeping things organized and tidy is always a welcome thing!


Shark Robe

I think this gift is pretty self-explanatory. After all, every baby needs a “Let the Fin Begin” Blue Terry Shark Robe so they can look like an adorable baby shark after their bath! This towel/robe is a soft and cuddly joy to wrap bathing babies in. It’s just too bad they’ll eventually outgrow it!


Five Little Monkeys Basket

If the new parents like monkeys, they will love this Baby Aspen Gift Set with Keepsake Basket Five Little Monkeys. Full of adorable monkey-themed gifts like a blanket, plushy, rattle, and more, this basket is sure to please. Why monkey around with anything else? Yes, I went there.


Baby Starter Set

This gift set of NinoStar Pack of 5 Bandana Droll Bibs, Stuffed Giraffe Plush Toy,  and12 Monthly Milestone Stickers is just too cute. With colorful bibs that can be used for meals or simply as photo props, a cute toy, and milestone stickers to use for those special moments, there is a lot here to please the heart of every expectant parent.


Flannel Receiving Blankets

Every parent can tell you that when you have a baby, you can never have too many receiving blankets. This set of Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Blankets is a simply and welcome gift for every new parent and every budget. Soft, small, and handy for a variety of needs, receiving blankets are always a must-have item!


Blanket & Rattle Set

This gorgeous Baby Blanket & Rattle Gift Set for Boys or Girls is one of my favorite baby shower gifts yet. The blanket is soft fleece so you know it will be cuddly. And with a friendly mouse rattle, too, it is too cute for words. Your favorite new parents are going to be singing your praises when they see this gift they can wrap their wee one in!


24-Piece Gift Cube

One of my favorite gift ideas for new parents is this Luvable Friends Baby 24 Piece Gift Cube, which is available in girls’, boys’ and gender neutral designs. With 24 items in all, this sweet collection of shirts, onesies, bibs, and more features is everything the new parents will need to keep their new baby clothed and happy.


Letters to My Baby

One of the most special gifts I found is this small book,  Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. by Lea Redmond. Twelve letters that prompt parents to share special thoughts and memories with their child, which will become letters their little one will hold dear throughout his or her life.


Baby Bullet Baby Care System

For health-conscious expectant parents, the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is the ultimate gift. Making it fun and easy for parents to make fresh and tasty baby food for their child, the Magic Bullet makes it easy to provide healthy nourishment for a fraction of the cost of conventional baby food.


Do Tell: Are there any other gift ideas for new parents that you recommend?

25 Fun Gift Ideas for New Parents: From cheap to a little pricier, we have a baby gift idea for everyone!

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