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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Children Ages 4-12

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Gifts for Children Ages 4-12

Phineas and Ferb Portable Speaker System - 2012 Holiday gift Guide - #giftguideBFF Bracelet Kit - Gifts for Children - 2012 Holiday Gift Guide - #giftguide

This fun Phineas and Ferb Portable Speaker System ($19.99) is not only functional but looks fantastic and sounds phenomenal. It connects to all iPods/iPhones and most MP3/CD players.

I can’t tell you how many BFF necklaces I had as a kid, but none of them compare to this BFF Kit ($19.99), which comes with 100 elements for complete and ultimate customization. Of course two bracelets are included so the BFFs can spend some time together designing their ultimate declaration of friendship.

Jingle Interactive Story Buddy - Gifts for Kids #giftguideReverse Charades Junior - Gifts for Kids - #giftguide

Jingle the Interactive Story Buddy ($34.95) comes with his own book that he will help read! Keep your eyes peeled – we will be giving one of these away soon!

Reverse Charades Junior ($17.66) is all kinds of fun. Instead of one person acting out the clues while everyone else guesses, reverse charades is the exact … reverse. Everyone acts out the clues while one person guesses what the heck is happening.

Corduroy PJ & Book Set - Gifts for kids - #giftguideMy Food Passport - Gifts for Kids - #giftguide

Corduroy was hands down my favorite book as a kid. If only this Corduroy Book and PJ Set ($46) existed way back in the day. Luckily it’s not too late to pass down this bit of wonderfulness to a younger generation.

Encourage your kids to be adventurous eaters with My Food Passport ($10), which will help keep track of the awesome things your kids eat, like asparagus and mango. They’ll be rewarded for trying new things with stickers (and possibly finding their new favorite food).

Personalized Ballerina Necklace - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguideYo Baby Kick Flipper - Gifts for kids - #ffgiftguide

If you have a budding dancer, why not commemorate one of her performances witha Personalized Ballerina Necklace ($36)? This is one of those gifts she will treasure for years on end.

For your active, yet perhaps not as graceful child, this Yo Baby Kick Flipper ($14.95) looks like fun. With this board students can simulate skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding while working on their coordination and balance.

Cardboard Rocket Ship - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguideWikkiStix After School Fun Kit

Kids will be up up and away with the Discovery Kids Cardboard Rocket Ship that they’ll be able to design themselves and then use on their missions. Parents will like that the ship is eco-friendly and folds up easily. You’ll find this item at Gilt Kids when their holiday sales kick off November 11.

Wikki Stix are super cool! These colorful sticks are covered in a glue-like substance so they stick to each other – and other items – without making a mess. The Wikki Stix After School Fun Kit ($24.95) comes with 30 paper cut-outs to decorate with the 324 colorful wikki stix that are also included in the kit.

Superhero Shoes - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguideSuperMe Cape Backpack - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguide

Your kids will be flying to the moon and saving the world with these next two gifts. First up – Superhero Shoes ($22) – shoes not included. This is a fun way to punch up any old pair of kicks and a variety of colors are available.

Next, what better way to start and end the school day than with a Cape Backpack ($45)?! Traditional backpacks, as well as a messenger bag are available. Both girls and boys colors are also available, so everyone can be the superhero he or she desires!

Alex Toys Mini Golf - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguideMoulin Roty Circus Shadow Puppets - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguide

Keep the mini golf fun going on rainy/snowy days with the Alex Toys Mini Golf Set ($20). You’ll have a mini Tiger, Bubba, or Annika on your hands in no time! This set will be available from Gilt Kids when their holiday sales begin November 11.

For more indoor fun, use these Moulin Roty Circus Shadow Puppets ($21) to get your children’s theatrical juices flowing.

Books to Illustrate: Where do Monsters and Spiders Hide When They're Afraid - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguideThe Lego Ideas Book - gifts for kids - #ffgiftguide

Let your child be the designer with Books to Illustrate: Where Do Monsters and Spiders Hide? ($14). A short story is included, with plenty of room for your child to design the pictures that go on each page.

If you’re looking for more inspiration that then project or two that gets included with each pack of Legos, look no further than The Lego Ideas Book ($15.28). Your child will be inspired to keep on building.

Talking Tom - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguideBalloon Modeling Kit - Gifts for Kids - #ffgiftguide

Talking Tom ($34.40) is a talking stuffed animal based on the smart phone app character of the same name. When his red recording light is on Tom will repeat back to you everything that has been said.

When my brother was younger he received a very similar Balloon Modeling Kit ($12) and taught himself how to make all sorts of balloon creatures. This lead to him receiving a few paying gigs making balloon animals at local festivals and whatnot. I’m not saying your children should be earning their keep already, but the ability to make balloon animals would be a pretty awesome skill to pull out at parties!

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