Grace and Lace on Shark Tank Next Week

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Earlier this year Megan wrote about Grace and Lace, an Etsy shop (and now full web store) where you can get beautiful boot cuffs and boot socks, like so:

Grace and Lace Dainty Lace Boot Cuffs


Dainty Lace Boot Cuffs – $24


Lacey Boot Socks from Grace and Lace

Lacey Boot Sock – $34

Super cute, right?

When Megan wrote her original Etsy Monday post the founder of Grace and Lace, Melissa, was kind enough to chat with Megan about her business. You can check out Megan’s post here. All of the items you’ll find at Grace and Lace are super cute and handmade by Melissa and her friends and family members.

After Megan’s post ran, I, too, became smitten with this company so I started following them on Facebook. They don’t post all that often – or maybe I just don’t see them – but last night I got so excited when I saw them post that they will be appearing on Shark Tank on November 22 at 9/8 CT on ABC!!!

Grace and Lace on Shark Tank

(Image via the Grace and Lace Facebook page)

I LIVE for Shark Tank. Our holiday gift guides always have a few Shark Tank items included (this year we included Mission Belts, which were featured last season). I just adore the concept of this show and seeing small business owners hard work come to fruition in amazing ways.

Be sure to tune in next week to see Grace and Lace on Shark Tank. Something tells me they’re going to get a deal, I just wonder with which shark? It seems like a company Barbara would be interested in working with, if she’s on that week. (My personal favorite shark is Mark Cuban – what I wouldn’t give to pick his brain for five minutes!)

Also, be sure to check out Grace and Lace now, so you can say that you were in the know before everyone else catches on next week!

Because this post is just as much about me fawning over Shark Tank as it is my excitement that Grace and Lace will be on Shark Tank, I feel compelled to share that the new Shark Tank book, Shark Tank: Jump Start Your Business: How to Launch and Grow a Business from Concept to Cash, is now available for purchase!

Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business: How to Launch and Grow a Business from Concept to Cash

The paperback book costs just $8.99 at Amazon (Kindle is $8.54). It was actually written by an acquaintance of mine, Michael Parrish DuDell, with input from all of the Sharks.

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