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Gwynnie Bee Now Lets You Prioritize Clothing Choices

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Gwynnie Bee Prioritization

When I wrote my Gwynnie Bee review, Gwynnie Bee being a plus size clothing rental site, one of the things I mentioned was that it would be nice to have some sort of a say in when items would arrive at your door. For instance, I lucked out and received a fancier dress right before I attended a wedding, but at any other time I would have had to send that dress right back.

Last night, however, Gwynnie Bee announced that you can now prioritize when you receive items! You can now browse the items in your “closet” and mark those that you would like to receive immediately with a “prioritize” tag. This doesn’t mean that you will necessarily receive that item because Gwynnie Bee could be out of your chosen item, but they will try to send the items you want when you want them.

This change just adds to my love of Gwynnie Bee. I have had so much fun trying out new styles this summer, and now being able to have more say in when items arrive makes it that much better!

Interested in checking out Gwynnie Bee? When you register now you can get your first 30 days for free!

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