How to Package Your Wedding Welcome Kits

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Wedding Welcome Kits | Packaging Ideas for your wedding welcome kits

Last week we talked about what to put in a wedding welcome kit, and today we’re going to talk about a few different ways to package your wedding welcome kits. There are SO many options out there and every last one is cuter than the last!

wedding welcome box


For a long time I planned on ordering some of these gorgeous Wedding Welcome Boxes from Etsy seller EverAfterNY. They are truly my favorite way I’ve seen to package up a wedding welcome kit. Unfortunately, these are the gold standard in wedding welcome boxes as they cost $3.75 each. If I had just a little bit of extra money I totally would have picked up these boxes! Wouldn’t YOU like to receive a box this pretty upon checking into your hotel?!

Of course, for a cheaper option you could find the boxes online, or perhaps at a craft store, and then decorate yourself!

Michigan wedding welcome kit

This wedding welcome bag is compliments of my favorite wedding ever. {Just kidding. I don’t know those people but their photos are incredible!} Recreating something similar to this bag is easy enough!

Uline Parts Bag

Uline Cloth Parts Bags for wedding welcome kits

Uline sells cloth part bags for super cheap! Cheap as in 57 cents for an 8″ x 12″ bag cheap (minimum purchase of 200). I’m not talented enough to create my own stamp, but there are lots of artists on Etsy that can quickly make a stamp for you, including Perch Papers, where my wedding invitations were designed. The option in the link is for a calligraphy stamp but she can make a stamp of anything. I know because she made a custom stamp for me to go on our welcome kits! You could also take your bags to be screen printed somewhere, although I imagine that would add quite a bit to the cost!


Kraft Paper Bags | Package your wedding welcome kits in kraft paper bags

One of the easiest and most affordable options is using Kraft Paper Bags. This is actually what I’ve elected to use, and then I will stamp each bag with our personalized stamp. PaperMart sells bundles of $25 for $6-$10 depending on the size, which is a really good price! Of course, bags like this come in all different colors and patterns but generally speaking the cheapest option will be the brown paper bag.

paper bag wedding welcome kits

Source: via Ink on Pinterest

An even more affordable option is to spruce up a plain old brown lunch bag! Recreate the pretty trim on the bag above by picking up something like this Floral Vine Edge Punch from Paper Source ($22).

wedding welcome bags from The Knot


If you want a paper bag that’s a little fancier still, check out these Personalized Deluxe Euro Welcome Bags from The Knot. There are 12 bag colors to choose from and 50 designs. A minimum of 50 bags must be ordered and they will cost $1.95 each, plus you’ll be charged a $35 personalization fee. This is definitely a pricier paper bag, but not exorbitantly so.

Personalized Wedding Welcome Bag

Another possibility is to contain your wedding welcome kit within a custom tote bag! While these will definitely make a nice souvenir for your guests, these bags can get quite pricey! The bag above is from The Wedding Chicks Store and 20 bags cost $125, or $6.25 per bag.

For a more affordable option you could buy canvas bags (as little as $1.66 from Tan’s Club). Create your own design and use iron transfer paper to put your design on your bags.

Personalized totes to be used as wedding welcome bags

Alternatively, if you’re ordering a large number of bags you could work with a company like to order a bunch of totes relatively cheaply. You would need to supply your own image, but Branders offers the bags above for as little as $2.70 per bag with a minimum 100 bag order. (The bags are even cheaper if you order more.)

Be sure to check out our post on What to Put In a Wedding Welcome Kit!

What other ideas do you have for how to package your wedding welcome kits? We’d love to hear ’em!

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