Etsy Monday: JMP Designs

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Due to my love of recycling and the fact that I am constantly thinking of ways to save the planet, my husband made a reference of me saving the Earth in our wedding vows. So it’s only fitting of course that when my love of Etsy and my love of recycling merge I have to share it with the world! With that being said, please allow me to introduce you to JMP Designs.

JMP Designs features “upcycled statement jewelry created by an artist with a need to create jewelry by recycling.” LOVE. The shop’s owner, Jill and I are kindred spirits. We both share a love of recycling and caffeine. However, the difference is, Jill makes fabulous pieces out of tin cans while I just throw them in the recycle bin. 🙂 Check out what I mean, below!

JMP Designs Tea Rose Brooch

How great is this Tea Rose and Copper Leaves brooch?! Guess what? It’s completely upcycled!

This is a bold blooming flower brooch. All flower parts are made from soda pop cans. The brooch is made of 6 layers of embossed aluminum and accent to with 2 copper leaves.

Pendant measures 2 1/2 inches across and lightweight. Brooch/Pin looks great on a lapel or hat.

$11.95. Adorable. Next time I drink an Arizona Ice Tea I’m totally going to think of this brooch! 🙂

star stuff earrings

These Star Stuff Earrings are fab. And, since they are from cans, they are lightweight. I love when earrings don’t weigh down my ears! I just think they are too cute!

Lastly, my absolute favorite piece in her collection is the Black Bow Necklace!

black bow lp necklaceThis bow necklace is cut from an LP record. If you are a music lover, or a jewelry lover, or both, this is a great piece to add to your collection! And a great price. At $12.95 it doesn’t break the bank. I’m obsessed.

Jill was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoy!

1. What made you want to start an Etsy shop?

I have been a fan of Etsy for many years, and I was looking to keep my mind and hands busy as my kids entered high school. I thought it would be a great challenge to see if I could open and maintain my own shop online. It worked! I am approaching my 2500th sale soon and still having fun!

2. What was the first piece of jewelry you created?

My first piece of jewelry was an Upcycled Flower Necklace.

3. How did you discover that recycling could create jewelry?

Discovering Recycling: I was hosting a family party and I decided to make it a “Recycling” theme. I began making the centerpieces from Recycled Soda Cans and after a few hours I ended up with a bouquet of aluminum flowers. Everyone liked them so much, I decided to make them into necklaces and try to sell them on Etsy.

4. What is your favorite item in your shop?

I think my favorite item item in my shop is the 5 Tea Rose Statement Necklace. It is big, bold and beautiful.

Thanks Jill! Keep up the great work!

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