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KlutchClub Review & Vlog

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The lovely people at KlutchClub recently sent me their August box to review. Yes, it was still August when I received the box. I’m sorry I’m just now getting around to posting my review in mid-September! KlutchClub is the subscription box for those of you interested in trying out new health and wellness products.

In the video above you can see where I open the box in real time. For those of you more interested in photos than videos, here are the contents of my KluchClub:

twist band


1. Twistband – Megan recently wrote a Twistband review, so I’m happy to have another to try (I lost the one I previously received from another subscription box – $2 retail value

Japanese Delight Seaweed Salad

2. Japanese Delight Seaweed Salad – I really like seaweed salad, but I will be skeptical of the dehydrated just-add-water variety until I give it a try – $2 retail value

3. Popcorners Popped Corn Chips – My individually-sized bag of chips came open and there were chip crumbs all over my box, so this item was a bust.


4. Biopharmica Scientific Nano dietary supplements – I received two nanogreens water supplements and two nanolean water suppleents.


5. Go Nola – 100% natural granola

6. alo AWAKEN – wheatgrass + aloe vera juice – $2 retail value

Not pictured:

7. $50 gift card for Tieks ballet flats (I was really excited about this until I checked them out … Tieks are REALLY expensive!)

8. $10 gift card to GO Sport ID – an ID band for runners – the least expensive bracelet is $16.95, so this is a good discount.

9. Gift certificate for one free year of premium workout downloads from – retail value: this service costs $12.95 per month, so this offer is worth $155.40 .


To be honest with you, my thoughts on the August KlutchClub are kind of mixed. I’m happy to have received a Twistband, and I’m curious to try the seaweed salad. Granola is always good. The corn chips were a bust and I’m not sure I can bring myself to drink aloe vera juice. (This juice looks THICK, you guys. Has anyone tried it? Is it amazing?) The gift certificates are a good idea in theory, except that I won’t buy Tieks even with a $50 coupon and features so much free content that you really don’t need “premium” workout downloads.

Personally, I would rather receive actual products than gift certificates. I’m much more likely to try a product than I am to take the time and purchase something using a coupon. I purchase subscription boxes to actually try new items, and gift certificates defeat the point of that. I do acknowledge that gift certificates are a good way for brands that can’t send an item in a box to get in front of the subscription box audience, but then I think the gift certificate should be an “extra” and not one of the main items. Without the gift certificates in this instance my box doesn’t come anywhere close to the $18 purchase price.

Click here to check out KlutchClub now!

Has anyone else subscribed to KlutchClub? I’d love to know what your impressions are of this subscription box!

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Disclosure: This box was provided to me free of charge from KlutchClub. All views expressed above are my own.

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