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#ManiMonday + July Birchbox Review

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Manicure by AstroWifey

It’s rare that I have nails worth showing off, but I wanted to be sure to share my most recent manicure with all of you! What does this have to do with my Birchbox review, you ask? Well, last week I had the opportunity to go to a Birchbox event here in Chicago where we were treated to complimentary manicures by none other than Astrowifey, a nail design artist and manicurist located here in Chicago. The event was nearly a week ago and I’m still rocking the same polish you see above!

Now, on with that review:

Birchbox Suits Collaboration

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it here or not but I received an email from Birchbox sometime over the past month saying that this month’s box would be a collaboration with the TV show Suits. I haven’t seen the show, but my parents love it, so I was intrigued. Some of the best boxes from Birchbox have been collaborative efforts, with the Women’s Fitness Birchbox being one of their best ever.

That said, the July Birchbox was not really my favorite. Also, the collaboration with Suits seemed to be lacking. One item on my card was designated as the Suits “pick,” but I have no idea why.

Here’s what I received in my July Birchbox:

Model Co Party Proof Lipstick in Get Naked

This Model Co Party Proof Lipstick paid for the box on its own, as this tube sells for $16.95. While the concept of this lipstick is neat in that it’s long-lasting and matte, the color I received was “Get Naked,” as in a flesh-colored lipstick. What’s the point of a long lasting lipstick if it doesn’t have any color and it doesn’t provide any shine? My lips are already flesh-colored and matte.

items from July Birchbox

(This image is proof positive that I need to learn how to shoot photos in manual mode and properly edit them. These photos were taken within 5 minutes of each other in the exact same place, yet it looks like I used 4 different backgrounds!)

The other items I received were just OK. I received Curl Keeper (a styling product for curly hair), Birchbox Bobby Pins, Juicy Couture fragrance sample, and G-1 Face Cream (which was the Suits pick).

All in all, while I definitely got my money’s worth, it just wasn’t my favorite box. I posted my Youtube Birchbox review last week and someone mentioned adjusting my Birchbox profile so I stop receiving perfume samples. I’m definitely going to have to do that – I could probably open a store selling nothing but perfume samples at this point!

That said, Birchbox only costs $10, so I’m going to keep my subscription going. It has been a little hit or miss lately, but I’ve had far more good boxes than I’ve had mediocre.

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