Michigan Bucket List: 28 Things to do in the Great Lake State

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Michigan Bucket List: 28 things you must do in the Great Lake State | ShopGirlDaily.com

I grew up in Michigan, thought it’s only over the past few years that I’ve really come to appreciate all that the state has to offer. I’ve lived in Chicago for 12 years and in another decade my time here will surpass the years I lived in Michigan and yet in my mind Michigan will always be home.

I’m not alone in that feeling, either. Maybe all states evoke similarly strong feelings in their residents that Michigan residents feel for their states; I really don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t know any former Michigander that can resist the lure of one of Tim Allen’s Pure Michigan commercials. Watch the following video and tell me that you don’t want to immediately head to the Great Lake State yourself.

If you live close and are in need of a summer road trip destination then I encourage you to visit Michigan. If you live further away and need a domestic vacation destination then I encourage you to visit Michigan. From May through October there are few other places I’d rather be.

I’ve put together a Michigan Bucket List, on the off-chance that you visit someday. Whether you’re looking for city or nature, wine or beer, lakes or skiing, Michigan has it all.

This bucket list is in no particular preference order, although I have fashioned it so that you could fly into Detroit and make a clockwise circle around the state.

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