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Mitten Crate Review – May 2014

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My husband and I were in the Detroit area this past weekend and we went with a friend to check out the Shinola store, which has been on my to-do list for awhile! (You might recall that a Shinola watch was included in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!) I wasn’t planning on purchasing a watch (or bike), but I was excited to check out this company that proudly makes gorgeous products in Detroit.

Our friend spent some time trying on watches, and I checked out the rest of the store. I fell in love with this Wristlet for iPhone (even though Id on’t have an iPhone), because it features the most gorgeous copper hardware. I didn’t end up getting the wristlet, but I did try my first shot of pure ginger – it cleared my sinuses, that’s for sure – and then I spotted a subscription box I’ve been meaning to try, Mitten Crate.

Mitten Crate

Of course I had to buy it, right? It was sitting right there in front of me!

Mitten Crate costs $35 per month and contains a selection of food products created in Michigan.

Here’s what I received in my Mitten Crate:

2014-05-19 08.15.31

Beaubien Fine Foods Red Onion Marmalade – made in Detroit – I am really excited about this marmalade! While I wouldn’t normally know what to do with it, there were pairing ideas included in the box. We will soon be enjoying burgers topped with blue cheese and red onion marmalade – I can’t wait!

2014-05-19 08.17.01

Barlow’s Gourmet Spices: Coffee & Cocoa Blend – made in Holly, MI – I don’t usually cook with spices (because I don’t usually cook), but I am certain my husband will come up with a delicious way to use this coffee & cocoa blend spice. It sounds delicious!

2014-05-19 08.16.38

Barlow’s Gourmet Spices: Chipotle Gourmet Sauce – made in Holly, MI – Speaking of my husband being a great cook, tonight he’s grilling chicken with this chipotle gourmet sauce! I expect nothing but deliciousness!

2014-05-19 08.15.50

Pop Daddy Michigan Red Popcorn – grown in Ann Arbor, MI and popped in Highland, MI – I’m sure this will be a delicious treat! This small batch popcorn is popped in 100% pure olive oil.

2014-05-19 08.17.44

Feel Natural Energy Drink – made in Royal Oak, MI – I didn’t know any energy beverages were made in Michigan. Normally I’m not a big fan of energy drinks like this, but this one is surprisingly good. Perhaps the difference in taste can be attributed to this drink being made without any preservatives.

Chef's Cut Real Jerky

Chef’s Cut Chipotle Cracked Pepper Jerky – Bay City, MI – I rarely eat jerky, but you’re looking at my breakfast this morning. (You can’t go wrong with protein, right?) The flavor of this jerky was REALLY delicious, and it tasted less like chewy, get stuck in your teeth jerky, and more like steak. I would actually buy this jerky again – it was that good!

2014-05-19 08.18.00

Michigan Awesome sticker – This is really an advertisement for the Michigan Awesome website, and there’s a coupon on the back.

Unless you live in Michigan, lived in Michigan at one point, or just have an affinity for the state, then I’m not sure the Michigan Crate is necessarily for you. My husband and I both grew up in Michigan and all of our family is there, so we got a kick out of going through this box. I think it would be such a fun gift for your favorite Michigander, especially if that Michigander is you! 🙂

I didn’t know that any of these companies existed, but since I try to support my home state as much as possible I will now be on the look out for these brands in the future!

Click here to check out Mitten Crate!

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