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My Ireland Box Review

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My Ireland Box - Subscription box review

The owners of the recently launched My Ireland Box reached out to me about reviewing their April box and I jumped at the chance! As I explain in the video below, Ireland was the first country I visited outside of North America. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks there and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I loved how outgoing and approachable everyone I met was, and I love how the Irish in general seem to have such great pride in their country. (One of my friends from the class I took, Sinead, took me on a day-long driving tour of Dublin to show me the rest of the city that the tourists generally don’t see. She felt that I couldn’t leave without seeing all of Dublin. It was a wonderful day even if I did feel car sick on account of the twisty curvy roads.) I think that sense of pride in Ireland is where My Ireland Box comes from, which aims to bring exposure to Ireland’s talented artists.

Let me tell you – they more than succeeded with the box I received! I know I’ve been hard on some of the “gift” boxes because sometimes I just don’t see the point of the items that are being sent, but I don’t feel that way about My Ireland Box at all. I love every item I received.

Let’s check it out:

"Gra" Pink Heart Coin Pouch from Placed

This Pink Heart Coin Pouch from Placed might be one of my favorite items I’ve received in a subscription box that’s not a beauty product. “Grá,” means love in Gaelic. This is immediately going into my purse.


I Heart Ireland Tote from Olyart received in the April My Ireland Box

I love this tote. Normally I don’t love totes, but I think it is my own fondness for Ireland and the cute graphic that makes this one a star in my book. The tote is from Olyart.


Nautical Print from Deirdre McKenna

This Nautical print is from Deirdre McKenna. I’m going to add it to another print that I picked up on my last visit to Ireland, to start a mini Irish art collection.

Porcelain Dove Pin from Clare Jordan Ceramics

I realized as I opened this box that I don’t own any pins or brooches. This Porcelain Dove Pin seems like a great way to start a pin collection. It was handmade by Clare Jordan Ceramics.

Sinead Lough ceramic bird

I know I said above that the heart pouch was my favorite item, but I think this little bird ornament from Sinead Lough Pottery is tied for first. I LOVE this bird, and need to find a place to hang it in my home or office asap. It’s really an adorable piece.

As I said above, I am definitely a fan of My Ireland Box! As far as gift subscriptions go, I absolutely think this one is tops.

A subscription to My Ireland Box costs 30 Euro, plus an additional 5 Euro for shipping. Right now that translates to about $46 per month. This is not the cheapest box, but I thought the contents justified the price. (The retail value of the box I received was about $72.)

Click here to check out My Ireland Box now!!!

Disclosure: While I was provided with a box to review, all opinions expressed above are my own.

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  1. Thank you Lisa!
    We are delighted that you love all of the items you received!
    We are so excited about the items we have chosen for the May MyIrelandBox Craft and it’s available as a one month purchase for those who want to surprise themselves in May!
    We are very proud of Ireland and our wonderful craftspeople.
    Thanks again Lisa
    Warmest wishes from rainy Ireland! (Send us some sun)

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