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New Subscription Box Service for Men: Dappr

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Dappr subscription box service for men


At this point there’s not a ton of information available on new subscription box service Dappr other than it’s a site for men and if you refer enough friends to register you could earn a steak dinner, or maybe even a full-page ad taken out in your honor in the New York Times.

Still, Dappr looks like it could have the potential to be one of the coolest sites we’ve seen for the guys. Here’s the description from the website:

For only $39 we send you an amazingly curated theme of products each month (worth >$80 of Retail Value!), from Cuban Cigars to Stylish Oxfords to Classic Wayfarers.


Right now the site has a waiting list to join and the best way to get off the waiting list is to recruit your friends to register. As I noted above, recruiting has its benefits.

Here’s what you stand to gain, per the email they send when you register:

5 = get off the waiting list and get to be a part of something pretty freakin’ awesome.

10 = off the waitlist, + 50% off your first shipment

25 = your name will be on the outside of every box that goes out in our first month + first month free

100 = your first 2 shipments free and a steak dinner in your city with all the martinis you can drink

250 = entire first year free, no strings attached

500= we will personally go to your home to deliver your box, take a video, and post on our homepage for a week, + entire first year free

1,000 = 500 drink open bar for you and your friends in any city of your choice + entire first year free

10,000 = We’ll take an ad out in the New York Times honoring you as an amazing human creature + entire first year free


Pretty neat, right? Head on over to DAPPR and start inviting your friends pronto.

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