New Year, New You: Gympact and Earndit

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If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably made some new fitness goals for 2012. I know I’d love to get to the gym more, though I try not to make this a resolution because I always break it as quickly as possible.

Now, though, there’s a couple of different forms of gym motivation and they are DEFINITELY speaking my language.


I won’t talk too much about Earndit because Laura recently wrote an Earndit review. In short, you earn points every time you check into your gym on your smart phone and can turn those points into gift cards. It’s free to join Earndit and they have a pretty active community of people using the site.

You do need some type of activity sensor in order to earn points for your workouts. Here’s a list of sensors that will work. Then, you’ll earn points based on how much you exercise per mile.

I just registered and was able to link my Earndit account to Foursquare, so I’ll also earn bonus points each time I check into the gym.

All told, this is a pretty neat way to get a little bit of extra motivation.


If you REALLY want to get hard-core to incentivize your work outs there’s a new site that just hit the ‘net yesterday: GymPact.

GymPact encourages you to put your money where your workout goals are, and you actually PAY money (a whopping $5 being the minimum) for each day you don’t go to the gym.

Each week you designate the days you want to go to the gym, and if you don’t go on those designated days GymPact takes your money (you give them your credit card info, so there’s no backing out) and distributes it among all of the GymPact members that met all of their fitness goals each week.

So, you’ll be penalized if you don’t go to the gym but you also stand to win big when you meet your goals.

Megan actually told me about this site yesterday and I was super skeptical. I mean, give your credit card to a random website? PAY money when you don’t go to the gym? Sure, there was an opportunity to earn money but that could be pennies. The whole concept kind of weirded me out.

Then, yesterday afternoon Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point posted a GymPact Review and discussed how she had met the founder of GymPact and had the opportunity to use the program for a couple of weeks and she absolutely loved it. And, she earned way more than pennies … she was earning $4 per week for keeping up with her fitness goals! As she notes, by the end of the month she could earn $16, which is half of her monthly gym bill.

I don’t know about you, but I find that incredibly motivating. There’s little I enjoy more than earning money, so earning money for going to the gym sounds wonderful. My bank wins and my body wins.

Sure, I’m still a little wary about giving my credit card number to the internet, but I’ve decided I’m going to give it a shot. Nothing else has worked before, so perhaps earning (or losing) money will be just what I need. I’ll let you all know what I think in a couple of weeks.

Also, you totally see where I’m going right now, right? Why not use BOTH and earn double the rewards for going to the gym? This is totally my plan.


Tell Us: What tools are you using to stay motivated to accomplish your 2012 fitness goals?

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