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Nibblr Review + Get Your First box for Free!

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Nibblr Review

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I have been meaning to review Nibblr since December, and here wear now, May 1. I had honestly forgotten all about posting this Nibblr review until yesterday, when I saw an ad right here on pop up for a free Nibblr box, and I remembered that I could offer all of you a free box with a code I was provided. Shameful, right?

Nibblr is a snack subscription box. For $5.99 you will receive a box of four pre-portioned snack trays that match your taste buds! You cannot choose the snacks you want to receive in each box, but by ranking the treats you do receive, Nibblr will do their best to send packages that will bring a smile to your face.

Caramel Apple Snack from Nibblr

As you can see, the treats are perfectly packaged for throwing in your purse or lunch bag! Snack options include fruits, fruit and nut mixes, nuts only, sweets, and savory treats.

Nibblr costs $5.99 per four-pack box, which, while a little high, isn’t too astronomical as the cost does include shipping. Receiving a box of tailored snacks each week is a little more exciting than grabbing yet another granola bar, right?

I thought the snacks tasted good, and I love not only receiving a variety of snacks but also having them shipped right to my door.

Try out your first Nibblr box for free!

Click here to head to Nibblr and then use referral code “FANTABULOUS” and you will not be charged for your first Nibblr box! The referral box will actually be the FIRST thing you will see when try┬áto subscribe to Nibblr, which is a little confusing.

I tried out the code to make sure it still worked.


While you still have to enter your credit card info and it appears you are getting charged, there’s a note that pops up saying that you will NOT be charged, but they require your credit card for future purchases.

If all you want to do is receive one free box from Nibblr, make sure you cancel immediately otherwise you will be charged $5.99 on a weekly basis.

Click here to check out Nibblr now!

Disclosure: I was provided with a box to review, but all opinions above are my own.

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