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Introducing: Oh, She Blogs!

Introducing: Oh, She Blogs!

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Oh, She Blogs: How to Make Money Blogging

Oh hey there. I am so sorry about my extended absence! As I mentioned awhile back, I’ve been trying to launch a site for bloggers that deals primarily with blog monetization. I’ve been talking about this site forever and this year I finally decided it’s now or never.

Well, now finally came!

After buckling down last week and this weekend (my husband was 100% on baby duty the past two days) and barely sleeping, Oh, She Blogs! went live very early this morning!!!

If you are a blogger or an aspiring blogger, I hope that the site will prove useful to you in one way or another. I’ve worked with a great team of writers to get some amazing content up on the site, including:

Additionally, I put together a list of 90+ companies that will help you make money from your blog. Seriously. I’ve tried them all. If that interests you, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and it’ll get sent right out to you.

I’m also launching a free Affiliate Marketing 101 course that will go out via email. The course is just six lessons, that will explain how to get started with affiliate marketing. When I started this site seven years ago it was because I wanted the opportunity to write about the topics I want without oversight. I’ve been able to do this with affiliate marketing. Basically I can write the posts I want to write and if I have an affiliate relationship with a company, great! If any of you click any of the links in those posts and purchase something I might get a commission. On the other hand, if I don’t have an affiliate relationship with a company then I don’t get paid. I do both of these things because it has always been important to me to maintain my independence as much as possible. This is what has worked for me and I want to help other bloggers achieve their own blog monetization goals.

My apologies for the extended break last week (and two weeks before that). I can’t tell you both what a relief it is and how excited I am that this site that I’ve worked on non-stop for the past four months is finally up!

Please do check it out here: Oh, She Blogs!

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