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I found today’s featured Etsy shop, OiOi Me while browsing kids stuff. Two years ago all my friends were getting married. These days, they are all having babies! So I’ve been on the hunt for adorable baby/kid items that are both unique and handmade. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found!

OiOi Me is a busy mom’s creation. It’s full of inspiration and love. And it’s nothing but adorable.

Camera Plush

Do you have a little one following you around trying to grab your camera? Then this is a MUST! This easy, DIY pattern is sure to be a hit with the little budding photographers. 🙂

Finished sewn camera measures about 5″ x 6″. Combination of machine sewn and hand sewn. Machine sewn part maybe hand sewn as well. Recommended materials: white plush polyester (or other sturdy fabric) as camera core; colored cotton fabrics for decoration; black plush polyester (or felt) for camera lens; buttons or self fabric buttons for other camera decors; polyfill. Wonderful way to use up fabric scraps.

I think it’s utterly precious. And for $6, it can’t be beat.

DIY succulent/herb garden

I love air plants/ succulents because they are hard to kill. 🙂 I have two succulents already that have lasted for a year now and I’m very proud of myself that have lasted this long. I was total smitten with the idea of creating theis garden with corks! It’s adorable, right?!

Upcycled wine cork measures appx 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide, there might be faint labels on the one shipped to you. Hand drawn pattern on the cork may be slightly different than the ones shown. You’ll receive this set of corks with a hole drilled at the top where you can fill it with soil and place mini plants such as cactus, succulents, or herbs.

embroidered baby shoes

These are just the cutest shoes ever. First of all, you know I love love love the color mustard, secondly, how darling would they be on a little one!? These are handmade by Vindy, so you can be sure you have a one of a kind design!

Shoes made out of warm felt exterior fabric, and 100% cotton at inner fabric; soles has been cushioned with thick felt in between inner fabric and outer non-slip material. It will keep those little piggies cozy, comfortable, and flexible. Also great for those energetic movers with the non-slip bottom. I have used many shoe patterns for my babies and this is one of the only ones that won’t keep slipping off.

Available in two sizes:
0-6 mon: Heel to toe 4.5″
6-12 mon: Heel to toe 5″

Just darling.

Vindy was kind enough to answer some questions. Enjoiy!

1. How did you come up with the name of your shop?

The name OiOi Me was inspired by a bedtime Chinese nursery song. The song starts with the words “oi oi” which meant “to love”, “to comfort”. When my kids were ready for bed, they would say, mixing Chinese and English together, “Oi oi me”, meaning to sing this song and give them my affection. It was one of the sweetest things they can say at that age, I felt so loved!

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anywhere and everywhere! The internet has an abundance of resources for all kinds of trends, and I love, love, LOVE Pinterest! I also get ideas while I do window shopping. I’m the one that sneaks photos of interesting packagings at the stores, being afraid the store worker will ask me to leave because no photos are allowed.

3. What is your favorite item in your shop?

It’s hard to call out one favorite. All the items in my shop were made for my kids at one point or another with a lot of heart and effort. One thing that I never stopped making are the cloth shoe collection. When my babies were born, it was hard to find baby shoes that would stay on their little feet. Out of all the shoes I bought and made, only ones that had an elastic around the ankles stayed on. I’ve been sewing my own cloth shoes for them ever since. Even now as they are a bit older, I am constantly making new shoes for their growing feet. They make wonderful indoor slippers for all ages.

Another favorite item in my shop are the mini succulent garden DIY kits. My growing succulent and lithops garden are really a zen place for me just a few minutes of my busy day every now and then. The hardy succulents are so kind to me that “raising” them is absolutely stress-free. I really hope others will be just as excited as me with these beautiful mini plants!

4. What was the first thing you ever created?

EVER created? Hmmm… I’ve always loved drawing and crafting ever since young. But one of the first memory of something I made and felt proud, was a birthday card for my Mom when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I remember I was inspired by some pop-up card and decided to make my own. I can’t even remember the details of the card now, but I do remember my Mom told me she loved it. It rained that evening when my Mom was paddling a bicycle with me sitting at the back seat. I curled up my body to block the rain from entering into my rain coat. My mom asked why was I sitting so uncomfortably, I told her it was to protect her birthday card from getting wet, my Mom cried!


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