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Online Personal Stylists For Plus Size Women

Online Personal Stylists for Plus Size Women

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Online Personal Stylist Services for Plus Size Women |

The styling service industry is nothing new. Cheryl has written reviews of both StitchFix and Le Tote for us in the past, and these are both fantastic options… so long as you fall within a specific size range. It has always struck me as a little odd that with the popularity of personal stylist services, that few companies have gotten into the plus size market. I have to imagine there are a whole lot of curvy women out there wouldn’t mind advice and recommendations for clothing that would best suit their body types and lifestyles. Luckily, things seem to be changing and just this past week I heard of two new online personal stylists for plus size women.

There are currently two types of styling sites. The first type is pretty traditional in that a stylist will review your style profile and then send a box of clothing that will hopefully match your taste. You can purchase whatever you like and send back what you don’t like. The other option is for plus size clothing rental sites. While you don’t work with a stylist on these types of sites, the option to try out many different types of clothing without spending an arm and a leg purchasing each piece is extremely valuable and can help you figure out styles that fit you best, as well as allow you to try out pieces you may not purchase ordinarily.

Ready to try on some new clothing? Check out the services below!

Online Personal Stylists for Plus Size Women


Online Personal Stylists for Plus Size Women: Wantable

While Wantable started out as a makeup subscription service, they have greatly expanded their offerings over the past couple of years. First came the Wantable Fitness Edit, but the company has since expanded into general styling services. Their most recent addition? The plus size style edit.

To get started with Wantable’s personal stylists you need to fill out a thorough questionnaire, which includes important questions about body shape, the length of your various parts, and questions about which types of clothing styles you most prefer.

Like most similar services, working with a stylist costs $20. Once you submit the questionnaire and pay the $20, the stylist will pull together five items and ship them out to you. Once you receive the box of clothing, you will have five days to try on the items and decide what, if anything, you want to keep. You only pay for the items you keep, and if you decide to purchase anything that $20 stylist fee will be applied toward the price of your purchase.

Wantable is now offering sizes XL-3X, with sizes 4X and 5X slated to be added later this year. Brands you may find in your box include the likes of Lyseé, Tart Collections, Kensie, James Jeans, and KIYONNA!

Click here to check out the Wantable Plus Size Style Edit!



DIA & CO online personal stylist for plus size women

Like the Wantable style edit or Stitch Fix, DIA & CO. costs $20 to receive a box of clothing that has been chosen specifically for you by a stylist. Once you receive the box you pay only for what you decide to keep, and if you keep anything the $20 is applied toward your purchase. If you keep everything you will receive a 20 percent discount.

The quiz on this site is also quite thorough, although I do think it’s lacking in pictorial options. For instance, for each article of clothing you can indicate the styles that you like or don’t like. For shirts your options include descriptors like evening, night out, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, peplum, and sleeveless. Considering that there are so many variations of each of these, I would much prefer to have a way to show them my personal style, and not just generically say that I like “long sleeve” shirts.

One thing DIA & CO. does do well, however, is that they ask for links to all of your social media accounts so they can look them over to get a better feel for your style. Therefore, before registering for this site it might be worthwhile to spend some time creating a Pinterest board featuring looks you love, and then sharing that specific board with the stylist.

DIA & CO. is designed for women wearing sizes 14-32. The individual items included in your box may cost up to $200 per piece, but there’s a quiz section where you can indicate the maximum you would like to pay for any one item.

Click here to check out DIA & CO.!


Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee Subscription for Plus Size Women

I am a long-time fan of Gwynnie Bee and believe that they do a fabulous job of serving the plus size clothing market. Gwynnie Bee is more like Le Tote in that you set up a closet, and then each month Gwynnie Bee will loan you some of the items in your virtual closet. You can keep each item for as little or as long as you like, and if you really like it then you can purchase the item at a discount.

Gwynnie Bee doesn’t really offer styling services in the way that Wantable or DIA & CO. do, but Gwynnie Bee does have lots of guides that will help you find the styles that work best for your body. You can even shop by body shape, so that you can see all of the items that would theoretically be the most figure flattering.

One of the absolute best things about Gwynnie Bee? Your first month is free! The downside to Gwynnie Bee? They have raised their prices quite substantially over the past year so now the bottom-level tier, one item out at a time, costs $49 per month. When I wrote my Gwynnie Bee review last year, one item cost just $35 per month. Regardless of the price increase, this service may still be a good deal for you if you need/want a constantly rotating closet and don’t have the time to constantly shop!

Click here to check out Gwynnie Bee!


Rent the Runway

Plus Size Clothing Rental: Rent the Runway

Like Gwynnie Bee, Rent the Runway is a clothing rental site. While they are best known for their formalwear rentals, Rent the Runway expanded into everyday clothing rentals a little while back.

Rent the Runway Unlimited costs $139 per month, and for that you can receive an unlimited amount of clothing each month. You will receive three items at a time, and those items can be kept for as long as you want or replaced as frequently as you want each month.

Currently Rent the Runway only carries sizes 14-22 and their selection is pretty small. It might be worth keeping an eye on Rent the Runway Unlimited to see if they expand their options in the future. Until then, enjoy the plus size formal dress rentals that Rent the Runway offers!

Click here to check out Rent the Runway!


Do Tell: Have you found any online personal stylists for plus size women that you love? If so, please share so I can check them out!


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