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Pets Love Toys Review – a Subscription Box for Dogs

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Pets Love Toys - a subscription box for dogs

I am really late in posting this review and for that I apologize! I believe the fab people over at sent me this box in November to review and I am just now getting around to it. The bad news is that this box is no longer available if you are interested in getting it for your own dog. The good news is that provides a few different boxes and you get to choose the one you receive in any given month, which means you can choose the best box for your pup.

I’m not going to point out every item that I received in my box, but as you can see from the image above it was a really good assortment with at least 5 “full-size” items. (Since these are dog items, the value may be a little less, but if I went to the store I would purchase one Bully Stick, so I’m defining the one Bully Stick I received as a full-size item.) My Pets Love Toys box contained so many different treats, which my dogs are going to love. 

The red dinosaur at the top of the image is a fab squeaker toy that comes with EXTRA squeakers for when the originals get destroyed. Considering how much my dogs love squeaker toys – both squeaking them and destroying them – this idea is ingenius! I made the mistake of squeaking the toy while filming the video, so my pup Bacon made his first on-screen appearance as he stole the toy from me. It has already received a ton of love and will surely become a new favorite.

As I said above, Pets Love Toys offers a few different boxes each month. You can choose from boxes that are only treats, boxes that are filled only with toys, and combination boxes that contain treats and toys. Each month there are 12 different boxes on the site from which to choose, so you can really find the best box for your pup! The boxes cost $19.95 for small dogs and $24.95 for big dogs. Shipping is free.

I really like that Pets Love Toys lets you choose the best box for your dog and there isn’t a “surprise” element to this site. While I like being surprised personally, my dogs don’t need a surprise because they’re going to be happy with whatever they receive. I like being able to ensure that they’re getting the best products for their breeds and size.

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Disclaimer: While provided me with a box to review, all opinions expressed above are my own!

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