Help Playtex Craft a Braclaration of Independence and Put an End to Subpar Bras

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Playtex navy balconette braFew things are worse than an ill-fitting uncomfortable bra, am I right? I actually love wearing a bra each day, both for the shape it provides as well as the support. But when a poorly placed wire spends the day digging into your ribcage, or the straps keep falling down your shoulders, or your bra plays peek-a-boo with your v-neck collar, life as a bra wearer can be a real drag.

This may or may not be a little TMI, but I enjoy matching my bra to my outfit. If I’m wearing something super cute of course I want my bra to be just as cute! As I’ve gotten older and my bra size has gotten more mature (wink), the number of cute bras available has dwindled pathetically. I’ve never really understood this phenomenon; gals with larger … assets … want to look great, too! Jeans shopping can often be a miserable experience, but so is going to the store only to find the bras in your size are only available in white, white, or beige. Don’t even get me started on why the rise of my bras seems to keep getting higher and higher. Sometimes it is so difficult for me to find a bra that I can wear with a basic tank top without it peeking out the top of my shirt. I generally don’t wear anything indecent; I’m just looking to wear regular old tees, tanks, shirts or blouses without worrying about having a personal underwear fashion show.

Playtex wants to put an end to the days of subpar bras, and they’re asking all women to help them draft the “Braclaration of Independence” in pursuit of bra happiness.

Here is my own “Braclaration of Independence”:

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that most women wear a bra each day, that said bras can occasionally be uncomfortable and unflattering, and no two bras are created equal. Therefore, I do publish and declare that women have the right to a greater selection of bra colors, patterns, and styles regardless of bra size; that women have the right to wear low-cut shirts without fear of putting on an undergarment peep show; and that women have the right to find bras that fit these qualifications at price points that won’t have them pinching pennies for weeks on end.

If you are interested in helping Playtex write the master “Braclaration of Independence,” head on over to and let your voice be heard! Regardless of if you love the bras you wear or you find yourself frustrated and/or uncomfortable on a daily basis, Playtex wants to hear what you have to say! As an added bonus, 100 people who help submit language for the Braclaration will be entered to win a free bra!

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  1. I find it ironic that a form dedicated to a “Braclaration of Independence” doesn’t include my bra size in the drop down.

    1. Ugh, I’m sorry Melanie. I guess a great place to start with the campaign would be “increasing size availability”!

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